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Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me at Soho Theatre

Jess Latowicki
Jess Latowicki
Image courtesy David Monteith-Hodge

Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me is not for the fainthearted, or for those with the propensity to get bored after 30 seconds of sameness. Performed by Jessica Latowicki, this latest offering from Made In China opens with a ten minute surreal shake off, a ‘dance’ to the beat of a whirring fan that unsettles and perplexes, and with no real explanation as to why. This is a girl who is attempting to perform to an audience with very little conception of what the audience actually wants. So this entire performance piece, set on a bare stage with one fan and a couple of lighting changes, and with some brief interjections from lighting-operator-come-boyfriend Tim (who co-created the piece), is an exploration of endurance, and asks why we, as human beings, martyr ourselves for the benefit of others.

Latowicki has stamina, that much is clear: she smiles sweetly, even when clearly exhausted (both by her physical exertion and by her relationship with Tim), and speaks to the audience like a friend. With surreal, absurdist dance interludes, and continual switching between narrative and commentary, Latowicki leads us through the demise of her relationship with Tim, despite the fact that it’s clearly an on-going thing (is he real? Is he actually there? He seems to be), and the thoughts that most consume her during those hours – the ticking clock, the telephone, a black dress. It is bizarre – and yet surprisingly familiar. And throughout her antics heart-breaking realisation dawns: tonight, Latowicki can’t be anything but the old version of herself, the current one, as she inevitably self-destructs.

Bold and comic, with nigh on a glimmer of hope to be seen, Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me is a take on the performances we enact within our daily lives, and the consequences that unfold from this.

3 Star Review

Review by Amy Stow

A woman takes to the stage. A man watches from the wings. They both wonder if their love will survive what’s about to happen. Made In China’s new show is an arresting physical endurance act that crashes headfirst into an impossibly true love story – and out the other side. It exposes how we perform our relationships amidst a reality that just won’t live up to what the movies promised.

Disarmingly honest and comically imagined, Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me pierces the bloody heart of our obsession with outlasting hardship. Intimate and startlingly immediate, it defies you to watch, in spite of yourself.

Running Time: 70mins
Age Recommendation: 16+
This show contains a strobe lighting effect
Monday 7th to Saturday 26th September, 2015 7:00pm

Tuesday 22nd September, 8:15pm
Post-Show Q&A with the company


Wednesday 9th September 2015


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