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Simon Evans and His Big Ideas – Assembly George Square

When a left-wing comedian tears into Boris Johnson it’s one thing, but when a self-confessed right-wing comedian does it, and in the way Simon Evans does, it has substantial gravitas, and underlines in a way that Evans’ leftie counterparts simply couldn’t do, quite why Johnson needed to be shown the door. Extensive use is made of a projector – and why not, as the show is in a University of Edinburgh lecture theatre (my favourite type of Fringe venue, as there is often air conditioning, and everyone has a desk to put their beer and wine (or soft drink) on). A few adjectives appeared on the screen to describe Johnson and his premiership. Then a few more on the ‘next slide please’. Then entire paragraphs on a third slide, which were just about readable in any event but the mere sight of it was sufficient to have the audience in stitches. Poor Boris, as Nadine Dorries might put it.

Simon Evans
Simon Evans

I thought it rather refreshing to hear criticisms of the Government in vocabulary other than ‘eff, cee and effing cee’. There was some solidarity expressed with the Scottish stand-up comedian and magician Jerry Sadowitz, although Evans had to backtrack somewhat on an earlier desire to do on his Fringe platform whatever it was that Sadowitz wasn’t permitted to do on his (in the name of free speech), after Evans discovered Sadowitz had exposed himself. The entire show was unfailingly polite, but that was an example of it being provocative in its own way.

Some previous ground, covered in his 2019 show Dressing for Dinner – which had nothing to do with dinner attire but Evans had to give his show a name before he’d even written it for Fringe publicity reasons – was interesting for those of us hearing it again and revelatory for those coming across it for the first time. He rants at considerable length against anti-alcohol events like Stoptober and Dry January (I’ve never personally observed either), and at Government advice on the maximum number of units of alcohol that should be drunk in any given week: it’s 14 now, but in the 1970s it was 56.

Every comedian, Evans asserts, has ADHD in some form – it simply isn’t possible to do stand-up comedy and think in a linear fashion. There’s a palpable frustration at practically everything, but there’s also plenty of laughter in this cathartic experience.

4 stars

Review by Chris Omaweng

Simon Evans and his Big Ideas takes the formula that has worked so well for the comedian in unpicking Economics in all six series of his Radio Four Economedy/Jokenomics smash, Simon Evans Goes to Market and turns it to work on the two Ps that traditionally precede that E – Politics and Philosophy.

Simon Evans And His Big Ideas
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022
Assembly George Square, Studio Three
15th – 28th August 2022

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