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her is an intense thought-provoking story – Half Moon Theatre

her at Half Moon TheatreThe three simple letters – her – is far more complex and mentally engrossing than one would expect. her, created by Rachana Jadhav and Dominic Hingorani of Brolly Productions, is a gripping story about young women who encounter abuse, abandonment, and extreme violence in the midst of war. Beginning with a young woman in London, the play breaks off into multiple strands of situations that connect the daily lives of ill-treated women. The play focuses on the universal message that any woman may encounter a cruel situation anywhere in the world.

Shala Nyx, as her, takes the audience into different doors of parallel lives to show us young women who are handling mistreatment and conflict in the middle of war. Nyx embodies tremendous technical technique by acting with characters and objects on screen. Her diverse range of dialects and remarkable skills of storytelling makes it captivating to watch. Nyx’s honest and passionate acting brings the painful truths of war uncomfortably upfront and in central focus.

The play uses digital projections and ominous sounds within a dark space to create abstract and surreal scenes. Alongside the play’s well-written script, the projections enhance the dialogue and immerse an audience into the violent stories. The moments when Nyx swiftly grabbed objects “out of a projection” were both flawless and bewildering. The distortion of the accurate shapes and sizes of characters on screen created the illusion of a live graphic novel. It is clear that the entire piece needed strong collaboration from all creative aspects of the production.

her is an intense thought-provoking story that spurs difficult conversations about violence against women. By allowing audiences to engage with these difficult subjects from a theatrical level, her explores the unjust and cruel challenges women face every day throughout the world.

4 stars

Review by Aly Chromy

her house is gone
her home is destroyed
her world has changed
…I am her

A girl comes home to find her house has disappeared. The neighbours have fled and the streets are deserted. her is a compelling story of a fifteen-year-old London girl who inexplicably finds that conflict has made her an alien in her own country.

Drawing on the experiences of ordinary people confronted with displacement as a result of war, this at times shocking play features one actor playing different versions of the ‘girl’. She navigates the harsh realities faced by young women in conflict zones and the difficult choices they have to make to survive.

Using innovative green screen technology to integrate animation, film and live action, her combines the emotional depth of theatre with the visual intensity of the graphic novel to create a dark and twisted world of politics, war and survival.

Performances are followed by a Q and A giving audiences a chance to discuss the creative processes used to make the show and the issues raised by the production.

Half Moon Theatre
43 White Horse Road
London E1 0ND
Running Time: 60 minutes, no interval


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