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Fat Rascal Theatre’s Waiter, There’s A Murder in my Soup!

Fat Rascal Theatre's Waiter, There's A Murder in my Soup!It’s 1946 and the Marchioness du Jour, a venerated prima donna and a wonderful singer, is set to perform at tonight’s grand opening. Dignitaries, cultural bigwigs and the finest folk from around the world have flocked to the event, and the room is buzzing with anticipation.

But all is not as it seems when a chilling and brutal murder is discovered. The performance by the Marchioness du Jour is put on hold, having been murdered, and the would-be grand night quickly becomes a crime scene.

Thank goodness Susan Gusset, renowned detective, is nearby and ready to crack the case with the help of the other guests. We’re taken on a backwards comedic adventure, with red herrings, hilarious characters, a murder most foul and an impressive three-course meal.

Studio 5ive Restaurant, connected to The Troubadour Threatre in Wembley, hosts this new murder mystery dining experience presented by Fat Rascal Theatre. Don your best 1940s themed outfit and immerse yourself in the evening that is bound to have you snickering at all the wrong things and funny innuendos. The restaurant caters to all dietary requirements, and the three-course meal was pleasantly surprising – though an option is available for theatre tickets only.

The performances by the actors were all very good, with a special mention to the actor playing ‘Susan Gusset’ and ‘Tommy Shakespeare’, whose facial expressions and characteristics were spectacular for the show, and their quirks had me laughing a lot. Thanks to the hidden microphones, none of the dialogue was ever lost – and the whole show was accompanied by the brilliant piano playing of Scarlett Bag, who was the protege of the Marchioness du Jour and her accompanist.

The actors were wholly immersed, striking up conversations at random times with audience members, which added to the experience of feeling like you were able to contribute to solving the crime.

The whole evening ran very smoothly, from starter to dessert, from murder to solved crime, and I would reccomend this for the whole family, especially the older members who will appreciate the hidden time dependant jokes.

The only note would be when booking your seats there is a restricted view for those with their backs towards the middle of the restaurant, where most of the action takes place. Aim for a booth near the kitchen or one on the side of the venue.

Enjoy a murderously funny evening with this show, running until the 29th of March 2020.

5 Star Rating

Review by Olivia Jannesson

Performed within Troubadour Wembley Park’s fine-dining restaurant Studio 5ive, Waiter, There’s a Murder in my Soup! is a comedy murder mystery dining experience – there will be lots of laughs, fabulous food and just a hint of homicide.

It’s 1946 – and the grand opening night of a performance by venerated prima donna the Marchioness du Jour.

You are cordially invited along with the socialites, dignitaries and cultural bigwigs of the age to hear her sing. But all is not as it seems… when a chilling murder is discovered on the hat rack, the lavish soiree quickly becomes a crime scene.

Over the course of dinner, renowned detective Susan Gusset and her fellow diners must race against time to unmask a killer before coffee is served. Don your finest 1940s glad rags and join Detective Susan Gusset for a three-course meal and a healthy serving of crime!

Fat Rascal Theatre
Waiter, There’s a Murder in my Soup!
A comedy, murder mystery dining experience

Sat 29 Feb – Sun 29 Mar
no shows 2, 9, 16, 24 Mar


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