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The Big Smother“Please make your way to the Big Smother house” was what we were told whilst sitting in the bar. About twenty of us huddled into the very intimate corridor in antici………pation of what was to come. One of the crew called out some names. They were ushered out the queue and had been evicted before it even began. A waiver had been signed so our fate was now with Big Smother.

The second you walk through the doors you become the show. There was a basic lounge and a basic dining room. A giant Jenga and a note.. in a nutshell it told us that we will be put through tasks until we (bar the winner) had been evicted.

We were instantly split into two for an ice breaker. Then the tasks got serious. As to what followed you had to trust and rely on the people you had just met minutes before. This is where it got a little out of hand and frantic as nobody trusted anyone. Two contestants took it too far and were promptly evicted. Had they been planted or had they just gone crazy in such a small amount of time in isolation?

One by one, and fast our group were being evicted. Obviously this concept sounds familiar to us all, but Big Smother was an evolution of the night before and they keep what works and changed what didn’t. Pending on who you go with and who else turns up all depends on what type of night you have.

Once I had been evicted I thought the fun had ended, but the latest evictee becomes the new voice of Big Smother and you get to choose the next task, you have to to think fast on your feet to make the remaining contestants experience flow without gaps or them becoming bored.

Was this the most polished piece of theatre you will ever see? No of course not is the answer. But if you have queued for sixteen years and never got into the house you will get to experience exactly what it’s like. Be prepared for anything especially if you know someone and they get evicted before you. As they will drag out your darkest fear and pit you against it.

Once we had an official winner you get to mix with the directors who take on your feedback with a mug of Bucks Fizz. This was how the show evolved and is a major part of the evening… and a great place to network.

Remember you are not here to make lifelong friends as it’s squeezed into two hours after all, but you need to be 100% percent committed from the get go to get the full experience and to make the whole show to work as well as the directors want.

This was no George Orwell experiment but a night out which is only as fun as you allow it to be.

3 Star Review

Review by Gary Palmer

Welcome to BIG SMOTHER, a human research project dedicated to revealing the truth about the human psyche. Most of the general public are dreading that letter to drop on their mat, others can’t wait. With a 10 year, free TV license up for grabs only the rich can afford to turn it down, if they want to.

Chosen as a Participant? You will be encouraged with tasks, treats and emotions to lay it all bare, tell the truth and forge relationships.
Playing the Producer? You will delight in throwing the participants obstacles and pitting them against each other.

52-54 Kennington Oval
London SE11 5SW

Tuesday 14th April 2015


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