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Review of Dust Never Settles in Torchlight

Dust Never Settles in TorchlightA beautiful and imaginative piece of storytelling. DUST NEVER SETTLES IN TORCHLIGHT presented by NakedFeet Physical Theatre Company is a 50 minute reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. A small ensemble of talented actors re-tell beautiful fairy stories through the voice of a caring Nurse. However, giving this devised physical theatre piece an edge and a uniqueness many of these fairy stories are performed with the use of isolated and quite frankly magical torchlight creating an exciting and marvellous ambience for the audience to enjoy, drawing us into the delicate words and outstanding performances.

Directors Josie Underwood and Cordelia Stevenson with collaboration from other actors combine breath taking intricate choreography with a moving score to tell their story. A blank set with 3 boxes is the perfect playground for these actors. With most of the storytelling being done via voice-overs this allowed the ensemble to fully embody their characters, movement and breath.

The production was performed at The Cockpit Theatre as part of The Camden Fringe, and is embarking on an exciting week long run at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

There were outstanding performances from Cara Withers as the Nurse, with a heartwrenching and truthful final breakdown not leaving a dry eye in the house and Keith Bonnici and Stella telling a story of building a lover out of clay with quirky, comical, touching and innovative movement.

Anyone in Edinburgh should rush to see this unique production with a talented and exciting cast who take contemporary physical theatre to a new level.

4 stars

Review by Paul Toulson

Full Company: Alexa Farrow, Gabriel Jones, Cara Withers, Christopher Brown, Hannah Ashby Ward, Josie Underwood, Keith Bonnici, Laurie Ogden and Stella Kailides.

Direction by Josie Underwood and Cordelia Stevenson
Produced by Alexandra Stringer

‘She told me of Echo, the voice of the forest. Of Pygmalion, who crafted his love. Of Narcissus, drowned by desire. And I became Myrrha, my innocence lost to darkness.’ – Tales of Ovid

Inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, this radical devised physical theatre adaptation moves through a sparse wilderness. Performed in moments of isolated torchlight and accompanied by an arresting and immersive musical score, join us for an intimate retelling of these classic tales, seen once again in a new light.

NakedFeet Theatre is a collective of physical theatre performers and devisers that create innovative and physically demanding work. An ensemble with roots in a diverse range of movement backgrounds; we are bound by our commitment to making work, beginning with considering the physical artistry, limits and potential of the human body.

The piece premiered at The London Student Drama Festival in March 2015. Highly praised by the adjudicators – playwrights Barney Norris and Ella Hickson and actor Tim McMullan – the show is to be performed as part of the Camden Fringe before transferring to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.

The Cockpit, Gateforth Street,
16th August
Time: 8.30pm
Running Time: 50 mins (approx.)

Wednesday 19th August 2015


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