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Review of The Naked Truth at Leicester Square Theatre

Christine Lynn and Charlie Bailey
Christine Lynn and Charlie Bailey

Once again London’s West End welcomed the Cockney charm of comedian and playwright, Johnny Tait and I believe his passion and commitment to theatre gets stronger and stronger as he launches his third production in Theatreland.

Was London ready for The Naked Truth? Judging by the queue outside the Leicester Square Theatre, I would say, yes it was.

Once again the set was minimal which told me that the audience was going to have to think and use their imagination, although I think Johnny missed a trick by not using the two TV screens that are present above the stage. I would have liked to have seen more made of the introduction to “Celebrity Fly on the Wall” and think the use of the TVs might have added something.

Ian Robinson
Ian ‘Block’ Robinson

The play opens with a TV producer and a corrupt politician discussing the misuse of public funds and how much could be made from the said Reality TV show. It goes on to introduce us to the “celebrity contestants” and their hidden secrets. We meet larger than life Jimmy, played by the author, himself, Traffic Warden, Trevor with his unusual sexual pastime, portrayed embarrassingly well by Charlie Bailey and not one but three leading ladies, Mairi Houston, Christine Lynn and Chloe Oliver. Topped up with cameo roles from Wayne Kincade and Michael Reffold, not forgetting the incredibly sinister Ian ‘Blocks’ Robinson.

I don’t intend to divulge the entire plot to you as this play is likely to tour the country, on leaving the West End. What I will say is, that each actor played his/ her part well and kept us guessing right up to the end, with the twists and turns of their colourful past. I would have liked a bit more light on our sinister assassin, although a very dark character and convincing in his role, he did at times blend into the back drop.

Highlights? Too many to mention, although the sight of Johnny Tait’s character returning from the shower will haunt me forever…… now that was The Naked Truth.

4 stars

Review by Tony Lutkin

Naked Truth a controversial, cynical new play written by comedian and author Johnny Tait (Conscience and Factor 2025), premieres at the Leicester Square Theatre on Saturday, 4th March 2017 at 3.00pm.

We leap forward and reality TV has taken on a new twist, the government are using it to cover up what is really going on in the world, the viewing figures are higher than anything any TV show has ever had in the history of broadcasting but have the producers gone too far?

From the twelve housemates that begun, we are now down to five who have nothing whatsoever in common apart from the fact that they all have enough skeletons in their cupboard to fill the average cemetery which they are forced against their will to reveal. The dead bodies of housemates following their dismissal from the household result in the biggest ever hunt for a serial killer that the British police have ever staged.


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