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Sh*t Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet at Leicester Square Theatre

®Rah Petherbridge Photography - Shitfaced live - HAMLET
®Rah Petherbridge Photography – Shitfaced live – HAMLET

Magnificent Bastard Productions Ltd presented an hour of entertaining slightly improv comedy version of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. As far as the group could, they remained close to the original language and storyline in the play.

Each night one of the cast members will act drunk, properly drunk. As they spend four hours before the performance slowly getting into character drinking their favourite tipple. Due to this, you cannot be sure what the drunk character is going to say or do next.

Tonight’s main role Hamlet was our drunken cast member. He fluffed his cues and lines on many occasions much to the audience amusement. During the scene of ripping pages from a book, he misjudges and hurls most of it at an audience member who was profusely apologised to straight away.

The storyline of Hamlet is followed in an hour-long condensed version of the Shakespearean classic.

Despite being a smaller theatre company their costumes are very well chosen and in keeping with the original version. The stage is a backdrop in keeping with Shakespeare’s time, two high backed chairs on wheels and a drinks trolley.

An entertaining hour-long play awaits you and at times the storyline gets redirected abruptly and you are left wondering what is happening! That’s not a real concern though as it adds to the comedy. You will certainly be laughing too at some of the mishaps on stage!

Be prepared if you sit in the front row that you might be joining them on stage, banging a gong or blowing a horn. All in the name of Sh!t faced Shakespeare.

Whether you are well versed in Shakespeare or not don’t be put off. Be prepared for strong language, sexually suggestive themes and flying books into the audience. I am sure all those themes are authentic!

3 Star Review

Review by Elaine Chapman

The smash-hit, internationally acclaimed, award-winning, multi sell-out fringe phenomenon is back in London with TWO new shows for 2019: Taming of the Shrew and Hamlet. Sh*t-faced Shakespeare is the hilarious combination of an entirely serious adaptation of a Shakespearean classic, with an entirely sh*t-faced cast member. With one cast member selected at random and given four hours to drink before every show, we present to you classical theatre as it was always meant to be seen. With a gin in one hand, a cup of wine in the other and a flagon of ale in the other… What could possibly go wrong?

Sh*t Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet at Leicester Square Theatre

Booking Period: 19th June – 14th September 2019
Running Time: 70 minutes
Age Restriction: 16+
Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BX


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