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The KAOS Brief at Sci-Fi London Film Festival

Akanimo Eyo, Charlie Morgan Patton, JP Mandarino
Akanimo Eyo, Charlie Morgan Patton, JP Mandarino

The KAOS Brief made its European Premiere as part of the Sci-Fi London Film Festival on the 4th of May 2017. Written and Directed by JP Mandarino, The KAOS Brief provides a completely immersive, jaw-dropping experience of a modern day alien encounter.

The story sees twins, Skylar (Drew Lipson) and Dakota (Charlie Morgan) go on a “care-free” camping trip with their boyfriends Corey (Marco DelVecchio) and Tren (Akanimo Eyo) for Spring break. Unfortunately for the four teenagers, their unusual findings in the woods are only the beginning of their nightmare.

Tension builds as we witness the terrifying experiences relived through vlogger Skylar’s documentation of their series of events. This modern day concept of capturing footage, adds suspense through a restriction of broken segments in their timeline of accounts with the supernatural.

The KAOS Brief has been excellently directed and filmed in a manner that feels very relevant in our fast-paced society. Even during the life-threatening encounters with the unknown, Skylar continues to put himself and his friends at risk for the cause of ‘capturing’ new material and gaining social reputation. The use of social media portrays an element of mistrust for the viewer, it sets up an element of safety that many may identify with by sitting behind a camera/ internet profile. However, as the content of the story unfolds and the pace speeds up, it becomes more and more gripping and clear that any level of safety has disappeared.

5 Star Rating

Review by Kasia Herbaut

In The KAOS Brief, four high school seniors, aspiring vlogger Skylar (Drew Lipson, Murder Among Friends), his twin sister Dakota (Charlie Morgan, Alongside Night) and their boyfriends Corey (Marco DelVecchio, Crazy Lake, Snapped: Killer Couples) and Tren (Akanimo Eyo, Isle of the Dead) find themselves in terrifying trouble after witnessing mysterious lights in the sky on a camping trip.

Even following their return home, the teenagers are plagued by strange and unnerving events following Skylar’s uploading of their trip to his video channel. Tensions rise as they struggle to figure out what is happening and how to escape their seemingly all-knowing predators as the movie races to its climatic and shocking end.

The Kaos Brief Trailer 2

The film has already been critically acclaimed and is being called “a multi-layered horror mystery with outstanding cast chemistry”, “found footage never felt so real” and “X-Files meets the Blair Witch with a refreshingly original twist.”

UK premiere screening at SCI-FI-LONDON FESTIVAL on Thursday 4th May
at Stratford Picturehouse.


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