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Witt ‘n Camp at the VAULT Festival

Witt 'n CampSexy chickens, smug opera prodigies, and creative musical mash-ups packed all in one night with Witt ‘n Camp.

The saucy duo of Holly Campbell and Charlie Howitt break out some of our favourite hip-hop songs in their brand new show Witt ‘n Camp. This musical comedy takes audiences through the challenges of chicken love affairs, vicious opera competitions and the art of seduction. For one night only, Campbell and Howitt sang beautiful musical duets and danced around on stage in this ridiculously sexy show.

The show had great sketch concepts, however, the writing needed further development. Parts of their opera scenes dragged on a couple beats too long. The scenes with the chickens needed tightening up on the jokes– there was more talking and less laughter. The many scene transitions felt hectic at times. Some transitions seemed pointless as if to eat up a little extra time, which later affected the pacing of the sketches.

The women created a challenge for themselves when they alienated the men in the audience. Their over-the- top playful and sexy approach didn’t create trust between them and their audience – it created a barrier. The joke wasn’t on them, but rather on the men they pointed out in the audience.

This show revolved around poking fun at certain characters. It felt like the characters Witt and Camp came on stage and the entire show was their interpretation of different characters. They lacked a commitment in their body language for the chickens and this was a sketch they continued to come back to. However, their commitment to the overly competitive opera stars was perfect. The way they sat drinking tea, annoyed at one another was funny.

Next time this show takes the stage, make sure you have a drink in your hand and prepare for a fun night of musical comedy. Campbell and Howitt are two up-and-coming talented women in comedy and prove so in their show Witt ‘n Camp.

3 Star Review

Review by Aly Chromy

A wild exploration of female identity. Sixty minutes of mad vocals, dancing, joy, seduction, escapology, partial nudity and wish fulfilment – blending theatre, cabaret and musical comedy into one big fun fest.

Charlie & Holly are the double act Witt ’n Camp; their alter egos – oversexed and pretentiously immoral – who can’t help but put on a show. Meanwhile two opera stars reach dizzying heights of fame after transforming Nicki Minaj into classic arias, creating a new genre “HipOpera” – but these lifelong rivals will go to any lengths to steal the limelight. Then there’s Bridget and Braun, two battery hens who dream of escaping their shitty boyfriend, Steve.

Witt ‘n Camp
Running Time: 60 minutes, no interval
16 February 2017
Tickets: £12
VAULT Festival
Leake Street
London SE1 7NN


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