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Adam Meggido Q&A for The 50-Hour Improvathon

The London 50-Hour Improvathon is back! Say ‘I Do!’ to an extraordinary weekend with the world’s best improvisers.

Adam Meggido © Ray Burmiston.
Adam Meggido © Ray Burmiston.

It’s wedding season at Everafter Manor – the UK’s hottest spot to tie the knot. Loved-up couples are arriving with friends and family to celebrate their big day, but will they even make it to the altar?

Expect bouquet tosses, best man speeches, first dances, family feuds, adventurous catering, and cold feet.

Inspired by cinematic classics including Four Weddings and a Funeral, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mamma Mia!, Muriel’s Wedding, Bridesmaids, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Wedding Crashers, and more!

A 50-hour improvised comedy soap opera in 25 hilarious episodes – catch just one standalone episode, or binge-watch the whole season like your favourite Netflix show.

Starting at 7pm on Friday and playing continuously until 9pm on Sunday (yes, right through the nights!) with a live band and refreshments available throughout. There’s even a special ‘Family Episode’ at 11am on Sunday, suitable for kids of all ages!

The 50 hours are split into 25 standalone episodes, 1 hour 40 minutes with a 20-minute interval in between. Each episode kicks off with a summary of what’s happened so far, so you can drop in anytime!


Q: Okay, an obvious question… What are the main challenges for you as a director(with Ali James), for the 50-Hour Improvathon?
Adam: It’s like steering an enormous ship – a ship full of exceptional talent. It’s not up to me to tell people the content of the scene (if I did, the audience would be ahead of the actors) but instead to suggest and prod. I tend to call the start of a scene and then let it play with no further comment. The mechanics of the show are open to everyone right from the start, so there is room to play with that dynamic from time to time, being a ‘director-character’ who is trying to create a show. Occasionally I even make it to the stage! But usually, I just suggest and shape and then respond to whatever the actors, musicians and technicians decide to do in the moment.
The main challenge is making sure everyone has plenty to do and stays involved, to keep up morale and remind everyone how great they are, especially when they are sleep-deprived and in an altered state.

Q: ‘Directors don’t do anything after it opens’ – how about you for this unique production? What do you actually do?
Adam: Nah – forget everything you know about theatre. Me and Ali will be directing for 50 hours straight. We will respond to whatever we see unfolding, like live storyboarding. The final episode, when every narrative that has been playing for 50 hours comes to its conclusion, is like bringing a ship into port. The voyage is about to end and you want to make sure every story is satisfying and has been paid off honourably. That is the most rewarding part for me. Adam Meggido

The London 50-Hour Improvathon: The Wedding Party will feature:

Regular players from the Olivier Award-winning Showstopper! The Improvised Musical: Jonathan Ainscough, Ruth Bratt*, Justin Brett*, Julie Clare, Dylan Emery*, Pippa Evans, Susan Harrison, Joshua C. Jackson, Ethan Pascal Peters, Philip Pellew, Andrew Pugsley, Lucy Trodd, Heather Urquhart.
Comedian and actor Rufus Hound.
Stars of Tony Award-winning Mischief: Dave Hearn, Harry Kershaw, Ellie Morris, Charlie Russell, and Henry Shields.
Doctor Who regular Dan Starkey.
Actors from Ken Campbell’s School Of Night: Joseph Chance, Alan Cox*, Oliver Senton.
Actor Katie McGuinness, star of Netflix’s Snowpiercer.
Cabaret star Sarah-Louise Young.
Canadian improv legends Jacob Banigan*, Belinda Cornish*, Jamie Cavanagh* and Mark Meer*.
International guests include: Mats Eldøen*, Fabrizio Lobello*, Inbal Lori*.
Improvathon regulars Seamus Allen*, Charlotte Gittins*, Nell Mooney*, John Oakes*.
With Tai Campbell, Josh Darcy, Will Ewart, Helen Foster, Andrew Gentilli, Fred Gray, Sally Hodgkiss, Tristan Langlois, Jinni Lyons, Chris Mead, Talia Pick, Luke Sorba, and Phil Whelans.
Directed by Adam Meggido and Ali James.
* Performing for the full 50 Hours

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