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Ardent Theatre Company present the world première of Sacrifice

Angela Crispim - credit Jimmy Lee Photography
Angela Crispim – credit Jimmy Lee Photography

Ardent Theatre Company have recently announced Ardent8, a year-long programme that offers artistic support to eight recent graduates who have found it difficult to make the leap from the regions to London. The inaugural ensemble are Sophie Coulter, Angela Crispim, Clare Hawkins, Henry Holmes, Nathan Linsdell, Jamie Parker, Garry Skimins and Sam Weston. The ensemble will perform the world première of Sacrifice written and directed by Andrew Muir at Soho Theatre, Upstairs from 31 July – 4 August 2018.

Ardent8 is an ensemble of eight young actors selected to participate in the year-long Ardent Theatre Company programme to offer artistic support to recent graduates who have found it difficult to make the leap from the regions to London. Through various workshops with carefully selected practitioners, the ensemble is able to access opportunities within the industry they have otherwise found inaccessible, but which Ardent Theatre Company believes is no more than an equal opportunity. Following a workshop from which a new play is developed specifically for the ensemble, the programme culminates in a two-week residency in London when the company rehearse and perform the world première.

Ardent8 is supported by Cockayne – Grants for the Arts, London Community Foundation, The Foyle Foundation, The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust, Arts Council England, Boris Karloff Charitable Foundation and Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, and leading industry figures including Julie Walters.

The inaugural Ardent8 play is Sacrifice written and directed by Andrew Muir at Soho Theatre, Upstairs.

LondonTheatre1 Q&A with Angela Crispim

Q: Can you tell us about Ardent8?
Angela: Ardent8 is a fantastic opportunity that helps 8 graduates really get a taste of the industry.
Throughout the year we’ve had the chance to experience five different workshops with current industry professionals, including acting for camera and Shakespeare. We are currently working on a new play Sacrifice written by Andrew Muir who works alongside Mark Sands as co-Creative Directors of Ardent Theatre Company. But the most brilliant part is having the chance to perform it for the very first time at the Soho Theatre. This programme truly is a journey, you really get what you give with this programme, but the chance to network and build connections with industry professionals is like no other.

Q: How will the company make the theatre industry more accessible?
Angela: The company helps graduates in the same position as me. Coming from Dorset, I feel there are very limited opportunities for jobbing actors, so my most challenging obstacle is finding professional work locally. There is work in London, but the financial implication is beyond anything I could dream of earning starting out in the industry. Ardent8 is an opportunity to start earning some professional experience to finally be able to start my career and think about making the jump to London, I have had the opportunity to work with many incredible people and have benefitted from each workshop. Now I have nothing but positive feelings about the play and look forward to performing it.

Q: Can you tell us about Sacrifice?
Angela: Sacrifice is based on a group of people who pay six grand a month to live in the basement of a pub on the corner of a dirty high street with no natural light and their somewhat unwanted guest. It is a play that asks the question ‘is it really worth it?’ The play is really incredible and I cannot wait for the week-long residency at Soho Theatre. Ardent Theatre Company have made the show easily accessible to people by having the tickets on sale at just ten pounds or eight pounds for concession.

Q: What are the benefits of being part of Ardent8?
Angela: They provide artistic support through a series of enriching workshops with selected practitioners and a room full of like-minded performers. I cannot fault the programme. The company cover the travel costs and a two-week accommodation in London during the show rehearsals and performance weeks. Aside from that, one of the best things about Ardent is working with Andrew, to be able to work on a progressive play and to see the journey of the character from start to finish really helps you to understand the function of your character in the play. And Mark has been incredible in helping me to understand everything a jobbing actor needs to know, including a handbook.

Q: What do you hope the audience will get from seeing Sacrifice?
Angela: I hope the audience will understand the sacrifices we have to make to follow our dreams, for some that may not be much, but everybody makes sacrifices in order to be happy. I hope the play will make the audience ask questions about why we put ourselves through the things we do, and why we still have hope for our futures. Hopefully, it will inspire the next generation and more not to give up on their dreams.

Q: How can others help Ardent8?
Angela: You can help by attending the performance to help fund future programmes, I believe that many people will be able to relate to the topics within this play, and we hope many people will be able to experience it with us and acknowledge the work we do at Ardent. If you can´t make the shows you can also donate via the website. If you cannot donate then please like/share/follow our accounts and posts on social media, in doing this you give us the opportunity to let people know what we’re all about.

Q: What now/next for Ardent8?
Angela: Well right now we’re underway with the rehearsals for Sacrifice, and look forward to the performances next week. I believe the programme will go on to feature a new group, I would like to see the programme thrive as it has been an amazing experience for me, and I hope for many after me.

Soho Theatre, Upstairs
21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE
Box office: 0207 478 0100
Twitter: @ardenttheatre


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