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Art Malik in The Village at Theatre Royal Stratford East

Art Malik in The Village
Art Malik

The Village a new adaptation by April De Angelis of Lope de Vega’s Fuenteovejuna which is the first production in Nadia Fall’s inaugural season as Artistic Director. The Village stars Anya Chalotra as Jyoti and Art Malik as The Inspector, they are joined by Harki Bhambra, Sudha Bhuchar and Ameet Chana. Musicians include Nawazish Ali-Khan (Vocals, violin and harmonium), Robinkumar R Christian (Bansuri) and Keval Joshi (Percussion).

Transported to contemporary India, The Village is a powerful story of community, solidarity and the lengths each of us are willing to go to protect ourselves from tyranny. Vega’s masterpiece is given renewed urgency and was previously performed by Joan Littlewood and the Theatre Workshop in 1955.

Village life for Jyoti is simple: the people work hard, sing and live off the earth. She would much rather devour a delicious meal than think about a suitable partner. But when the Inspector and his men arrive back in town, things quickly begin to sour. The Inspector’s reign of terror sees him commit unspeakable acts against the village with young Jyoti in his sights, pushing everyone to breaking point. Will she dare scorn his advances?

Our Q&A with Art Malik

Q: What enticed you to be a part of the cast of The Village?
Art: The Script. The Script, The Script.

Q: You play the part of ‘The Inspector’ – can you tell us about the character and his part in the play?
Art: Every tragedy needs a really good villain and this particular villain has no redeeming features whatsoever, pure psychopath dressed up as a police inspector. Once you put power and influence and a serious psychosis together I don’t think any actor would say no.

Q: What is at the heart of the production?
Art: The heart of the production is for those people who are feeling disenfranchised and feel they have no voice, there comes a point where they too will stand up against those who should know better who hold positions of power over them.

Q: The Village has been running since early September – what key thoughts from the audiences?
Art: Audiences have told me that it’s very relevant and inspiring and as a theatrical experience it’s one of the best they’ve seen.

Q: Why should everyone get along to see The Village?
Art: Because it’s a theatre that has a great theatrical history – as far as Britain is concerned it’s very present, effective and the best actors I’ve worked with.

Q: What next for you in 2018?
Art: A rest.


Harki Bhambra – Gopi
Sudha Bhuchar – Ishani
Anya Chalotra – Jyoti
Ameet Chana – Mango
Neil D’Souza – Ramdev
Souad Faress – Gina
Rina Fatania – Panna
Naeem Hayat – Vihaan
Scott Karim – Farooq
Art Malik – The Inspector
Arian Nik – Mekhal

Writer April De Angelis
Director Nadia Fall
Designer Joanna Scotcher
Lighting Designer Paul Pyant
Movement Director Polly Bennett
Composer Niraj Chag
Sound Designer Helen Atkinson
Fight Directors RC-Annie
Casting Director Amy Ball

Nawazish Ali-Khan (Vocals, violin and harmonium), Robinkumar R Christian (Bansuri) and Keval Joshi (Percussion).

The Village
Runtime: 2 hours including interval
Age Guidance: 14+
Theatre Royal Stratford East
The Village runs from Fri 7 Sept – Sat 6 Oct 2018


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