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Camden People’s Theatre presents Hard to Resist

Hard To ResistAfter the immensely successful Calm Down, Dear Festival of Feminism (Oct/Nov 2013), Camden People’s Theatre starts 2014 with a two-week celebration of idealism and resistance. Headlined by Tom Frankland and Keir Cooper’s punk remix of Cervantes’ Don Quijote, Hard To Resist explores how to resist orthodoxy, and imagines status quos rocking all over the world.

CPT co-director Brian Logan says: “January is a time for new resolutions, a new sense of purpose – and, in our case, a renewed commitment to changing the world by sheer force of theatre. If you’re not 100% delighted with the way we live now – oligarchs with snouts in the trough; government by the rich, for the rich; vote-rigging at theatre awards, God help us! – come and join us for a fortnight’s festival of idealism and resistance, where some of the country’s most exciting theatre-makers explore how to oppose, how to resist and how to imagine a better world.

Don Quijote 15th to 25th January 7.30pm &  9pm (varies).
This exploration of Cervantes’ novel, selected for the British Council Showcase at Edinburgh 2013, combines incredible visual imagery, anarchic performance and original music. The title role is played by a secret guest performer unique to each date. Guests so far have included: Tim Crouch, Chris Thorpe, Gemma Brockis, Rajni Shah, Angela Clerkin (Improbable) and Nigel Barrett (Shunt).

Don Quijote is a playful study of someone who follows their dreams without forethought or fear. It is about standing up for what you believe, regardless of recrimination from a cynical world. Central to this interpretation is that Don Quijote can be represented by anybody; regardless of gender, age or physical ability. Joining the secret guest performer will be three core performers: a two-time Fringe First award winning theatre-maker, a musician/visual artist, and a dancer.

Don Quijote has been developed as part of Camden People’s Theatre’s Starting Blocks scheme, with support from The Albany Theatre and Shoreditch Town Hall. It featured on the British Council Showcase 2013 at the Edinburgh Festival.

Camden People’s Theatre, 15th to 25th January 2014
Featuring: Tom Frankland and Keir Cooper, Hannah Nicklin, The Gramophones, Coney, Daniel Bye
Hannah Silva, Sweet Niche

Listings Information
Hard to Resist: a short, sharp festival of protest
Camden People’s Theatre, 58 – 60 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PY
15th to 25th January 2014 Various times (as indicated) 08444 77 1000
£10 (£8 concs.) unless otherwise stated

Monday 6th January 2014


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