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Defiant Reality Theatre presents THE LARK at Rose Playhouse

The Lark at Rose PlayhouseCelebrating the 60th anniversary of the English London premiere, Defiant Reality Theatre presents THE LARK – Jean Anouilh’s epic tale of JOAN OF ARC.

After a successful run at the Voila! Festival (Cockpit Theatre, November 2014), this ‘lively play that never drags’ transfers to the Rose Playhouse, Bankside for 11 new performances!

If you think of Joan of Arc, what images spring to mind?
Maybe fire, maybe an armour, something about the King of France, something about being a witch…not too sure? Does it really matter? Yes it does!

Although she’s become a universal symbol of faith, feminism & bravery, isn’t it strange that no one remembers why?
Her story has been rewritten by over 12,000 writers ; to celebrate the anniversary of this particular version, join us in (re)discovering the spirit of Joan of Arc!

Surrounded by French, English and Spanish Inquisition judges, Joan is moments away from being burned. In a few seconds, she will be nothing but a pile of ashes at the foot of the stake.

But hark! Are we back in Domremy, where Joan was born? Is that Chinon and Charles the Dauphin on his throne? As death draws nearer, Joan’s life flashes before her eyes – and yours – allowing us to relive the key moments she wishes to witness one last time.

Bringing this gripping fast-paced medieval drama full of wit and humour back to the London stage, Defiant Reality Theatre are pursuing their open-minded & peaceful mission to have strong female roles take to the centre stage under the direction of women.

Directed by Astrid Pons
Original music composed by Nicola Chang

Maud Madlyn (Joan of Arc) – ‘Madlyn is the perfect choice to play Joan’, Views from the Gods, November 2014
George Collie (Earl of Warwick), Pip Gladwin (Pierre Cauchon), Samuel Heagney (Promoter/Boudousse), Victoria Howden(Mother/Queen Yolande), Tristan Hyde (Charles le Dauphin/Capitaine La Hire/Brother Ladvenu), Lawrence Toye (Inquisitor/Archbishop), Phil North (Father/Robert de Beaudricourt/La Tremouille)

The Rose Playhouse, Bankside
56 Park Street, London, SE1 9AR
Tuesday 20th to Saturday 31st January 2015
Tuesday to Saturday 7.30pm / Sunday matinee on 25th at 3pm ONLY.
No Monday Performances

Tuesday 16th December 2014


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