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Fundraising Festive Farewell to Bridge House Theatre SE20

With the sad closure of south London’s Bridge House Theatre, a special online Christmas concert, ‘A Bridge House Farewell – A Christmas Spectacular’, will feature favourite festive songs and readings from an amazing cast of performers – all of whom have performed at the venue over the years and giving their time free of charge.

Fundraising Festive Farewell‘A Bridge House Farewell – A Christmas Spectacular’ will premiere online on Sunday 6 December at 7pm and will then be available online until Thursday 24 December – each day allows access for 24 hours.

Tickets are available via www.bhtheatre.com and as a fundraiser, the company hope people will buy tickets for each person watching.

Led by the theatre’s musical adviser Rachel Tucker, other West End and Broadway performers taking part include Marisha Wallace, George Maguire, Rachael Wooding, Danny Colligan, Rachel Izen, Sion Lloyd, Suzie Mathers, Emma Hatton, Alex Lodge, Dan Robinson, James Hume and Georgie Ashford.

They will be joined by Bridge House favourites Harry Downes, Saorla Wright, Chris Tajah, Tim Marriott, Ben Woods, Jamie Ross, Laurie Denman, Lewis Rae, Richard Albrecht… and there will be a special appearance by Father Christmas.

Tim McArthur will present the fundraising event with short interviews with Guy Retallack (Artistic Director) and Rob Harris (Artistic Producer). The evening’s musical advisor is Tom Turner.

‘A Bridge House Farewell – A Christmas Spectacular is a co-production between Bridge House Productions SE20 Ltd and West End Video.

The creative team behind the venue will keep on producing together, with Guy Retallack in charge as Artistic Director and Rob Harris as Artistic Producer.

Rob Harris said “We have an amazing era at the venue, produced so many wonderful shows, including a number of premieres and have been lucky to work some of the best talent around both on stage and behind the scenes. We also have gained an amazing audience and want to thank each and everyone of them – you made our jobs a pleasure. We were particularly well known for our Christmas shows and so it seemed right this final production should be a Christmas celebration, and boy is it going to be an amazing event. Each and every single performer has performed at the venue. Theatre will be here long after the current situation, the community is strong as the contributors to this show have shown and we look forward to our next productions in the New Year, when we can all meet again.

A percentage of the income will be donated to Acting for Others.


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