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GRACE NOTES celebrates 15+ years offering global theatre news

Grace Notes LogoGRACE NOTES: “The Industry standard for daily theatre news since 1999“.

Published each week, Monday to Friday, GRACE NOTES offers the only global newsletter specifically targeted to successful savvy theatre professionals, providing the most comprehensive, concise and up-to-date theatre information around. It’s the one-stop resource for all your theatre news.

GRACE NOTES newsletters offer something for everyone:
* Casting announcements
* Workshops
* Openings & Closings
* Broadway, London and Regional reviews
* Awards (Broadway, London, major Off-Broadway, major regional, TV & film)
* Benefits, Concerts, Readings & Cabarets
* Cast album recordings, releases and reviews
* Upcoming events
* Relevant Film & Television news
* Video & Audio clips
* Interviews & Articles
* And much more!

In late 1998, the internet wasn’t as extensive and accessible as it is now. To stay in the loop in the theatre world, I began to scour whatever theatre websites I could find. GRACE NOTES began as an email every few days to 3 friends in NY, where I would cut & paste some pertinent theatre news — who was just cast in that show, or look who’s directing that production — it took less than 5 minutes. After 2 months of sporadic emails, it became a daily event, offering salient news tidbits every morning. Soon after that, my 3 NY friends began referring friends to the email list…. and then it just exploded around the theatre world.  No one was more surprised than I.  For the first 11 years, GRACE NOTES was distributed by email, but it became too massive for that format, so now it lives on my website, GraceNotesStage.com, where my readership expands daily around the world. I am so blessed and humbled that I may have contributed to the arts in some small way.”   Susan Grace

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Sunday 16th November 2014


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