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Hadley Fraser releases new EP JUST LET GO

Just Let GoHadley Fraser’s first studio EP, Just Let Go, was officially released on 21st August 2014

In an exclusive interview with us, Hadley spoke about the EP and what is coming up in 2014!

Your new EP Just Let Go is launched this month. What can you tell us about the music and lyrics?
It’s relatively personal stuff I guess, as music and lyrics probably should be. I don’t think I’m reinventing the wheel – perhaps in future I’ll be a little more adventurous with a rhyme scheme/time signature than I have on this EP. I’ve played guitar and sung with bands for years, but only in the last four/five years have I concentrated more on producing/writing my own material. There’s no great agenda behind it, and I’d not really planned on recording it ever. But after a certain amount of positive feedback having played them live, I guess I couldn’t ignore the studio any longer.

Hadley FraserWhat was the inspiration behind each song?
I’m not sure I want to divulge the precise details of each song’s inspiration. Suffice it to say they all come from personal situations or experiences that somehow needed an outlet musically. I’m keen on letting people take what they want from each track rather than specifying what each one means. I know in the past I have interpreted songs by artists in a certain way only to find that the inspiration was totally different to the way I envisaged it. I’ll keep a sense of mystery going I think.

What music did you listen to in your teenage years?
All sorts of things. Acid Jazz was big when I was at school (Jamiroquai, Corduroy and Galliano), Rock, Pop, Prog. I listened to Blues a lot too – I was probably in a minority of schoolboys in Bracknell in the mid-nineties listening to John Lee Hooker, BB King and Buddy Guy…

Do you have a particular style of music that you like listening to now?
These days I listen to a lot of classical, a lot of jazz and even more folk/roots/Americana. Maybe that’s age catching up with me, or my musical tastes maturing. I don’t know. In the last few years the explosion of online distribution has meant one can find exactly the type of music you like – rather than slavishly listening to the tunes that record companies used to push down one’s throat.

Can you tell us what is in the pipeline for you in terms of music releases and stage roles?
Music releases will be sporadic I should think, though I’ll always gig from time to time. I’d love to write songs for a stage production down the line (I’m not evolved enough as a composer to write a complete score, it would have to be stand alone songs or incidental music for a play I think). I’m in the early stages of developing a play with music (not my own) about a favourite musician of mine right now, with a venue and director here in London and also am in the early stages of collaborating with friend and composer Tom Deering on an opera (lyrics from me, music from Tom). Stage role coming up is Stine in City of Angels at the Donmar. Can’t wait for that one. Working on that wonderful show with my soon-to-be-wife Rosie Craig and Donmar AD Josie Rourke will be a blast.

Is there any particular role that you would really like to play?
I’ve said before that I’m not especially covetous of many roles – I like the surprise of the unknown. That said, Coriolanus at the Donmar over Christmas gave me a taste for more Shakespeare and I’d love to tackle a comedy at some point. I think the only musical theatre role I’d love to play one day (give me a few years) is Sweeney Todd.

What message for those following your career?
A simple thanks for following I suppose. I’m always overwhelmed by people’s interest and support.

Track List
1. Just Let Go
2. Heading West
3. Herne & The Red Kite
4. But For Me
5. On Constellation Street

You can listen to a sample of the tracks here but head over to Hadley’s Official website where you can download the tracks and buy them!

Just Let Go

Heading West

Herne & The Red Kite

But For Me

On Constellation Street

All songs written by Hadley Fraser
Hadley Fraser – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Tom Deering – Arrangements, Keys
Nick Pini – Double Bass
John Gregson – Banjo, Dobro, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
Rosalie Craig – Vocals
Reuben Humphries – Drums
Jess Murphy – Violin
Simon Munday – Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet

Recorded and mixed by Sam Featherstone at Price Studios, London, UK.
Thanks to Hope Margala Klein.

Visit Hadley Fraser’s official website where you can download and buy the tracks from various download links:

Sunday 25th August 2014


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