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Hamlet, who’s there? Adapted by Kelly Hunter

Flute TheatreFlute Theatre in association with English Touring Theatre presents: Hamlet, who’s there? Adapted by Kelly Hunter.

This unique Hamlet is raw, intimate and bold. RSC-actor Kelly Hunter adapts, directs and performs with Mark Quartley in this production, which tours Europe this summer, culminating at the Shakespeare Festival, Kronberg Castle, Elsinore as part of the 400th centenary Shakespeare celebrations.

This ninety-minute version features six actors, one sofa and a drum kit. It explores notions of the divided self and the transference of grief within one impossible claustrophobic night, shining a spotlight on mental health issues in our modern world.

Performances are at:
Mercury Theatre, Colchester, 15 and 16 April 2016
International Shakespeare Festival Craiova, Romania, 21 April 2016
Park Theatre, London, 24 and 25 April 2016
Neuss Globe, Germany, 13 and 14 June 2016
Kronberg Castle, Elsinore, Denmark, 8 and 9 August 2016

Flute’s brilliantly-observed, tersely contemporary Hamlet works on its audiences with visceral force. It is both compassionate and withering: an intense distillation of tragedy which makes the best-known play in world drama new for another generation.” Michael Dobson – Director, Shakespeare Institute.

At the heart of Hamlet is the unfathomable grief and questionable sanity of a young man. Even his closest family are unable to help him as he drifts away from them, revealing a perfect storm of tragedy. Our story unfolds over one night, in one house, on the evening of Hamlet’s mother’s wedding; by dawn only a grave-digger is left alive.

Hamlet, alone in his bedroom, is possessed by the tortured ghost of his father, rising from his own disturbed consciousness. Grief is transferred from person to person, spreading like poison through the family, and demonstrating how trauma can have wide-reaching consequences. We seek to rip open the wound at the heart of the play and explore Shakespeare’s opening question: who’s there?

Hamlet, who’s there? plays at:

Mercury Theatre, Colchester
15th April 2016 at 3pm; 16th April 2016 at 3pm at 8pm

International Shakespeare Festival Craiova, Romania
April 21st at 5pm

Park Theatre, London
24th April 2016 at 4pm and 8pm; 25th April 2016 at 8pm

Shakespeare Im Globe Neuss Festival, Germany
13th June at 8pm;14th June 2016 at 3pm and 8pm

Kronberg Castle, Elsinore, Denmark
August 8th and 9th 2016

Danmarks Shakespeare-teater på Kronborg

Steven Beard Polonius/Grave Digger
Kelly Hunter Gertrude
Tom Mannion Claudius
Finlay Cormack Laertes
Mark Quartley Hamlet
Francesca Zoutewelle Ophelia

Director Kelly Hunter
Designer Anthony Lamble
Lighting Designer Tim Bray
Co-Producers Emma Richards and Paula Salmon

About Flute Theatre:
Flute Theatre was founded by Kelly Hunter in 2014 to create performances of Shakespeare for audiences with no access to the arts. The productions strip away the pomp and ceremony of Shakespeare to explore the essence of how it feels to be alive. Flute’s production of the Tempest for children with autism began as a co-production with the RSC and OSU in 2014 and will play at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond in October 2016. For more information www.flutetheatre.co.uk


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