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Harry Kit LeeHARRY KIT LEE – ‘SO THIS IS WHO I AM’ – AN EVENING OF BROADWAY, WEST END AND A FEW OTHER SURPRISES – Sunday 5th February 2017, 5pm at Phoenix Artist Club (Beneath the Phoenix Theatre), London.

Join West End actor, Harry Kit Lee for a personal journey through song. Expect numbers from Evita, Company, Grease and a whole lot more.

All tied together with stories from his life – expect laughter, tears and a whole lot of song!
LondonTheatre1 says 5 Stars – “With powerhouse vocals. I would happily sit through it all again
Audience Club says 5 Stars – “A truly great evening… delivered in true class. Harry has a fabulous vocal range

This is what Harry has to say about “So this is who I am“.
Q: Why, “So this is who I am”? And what can you tell us about the show…
Harry: This show first began it’s life around three years ago when after being in various productions and TV shows, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at a solo show. People around me tried to convince me to build a narrative into the show which would tell of my life experiences, in and out of the industry.
This wasn’t something that interested me at first as I’ll openly admit that I had been quite critical in the past of other people who had followed that format.
My thoughts were, unless you were a majorly celebrity – who would care about your life? And, although I had led quite a varied and colourful life, I just didn’t find myself that interesting.
However, when it came to choosing the songs which I would be performing in the show, I began to realise that, subconsciously, I was choosing songs that represented key moments in my life and defined me as a person.
As one of the numbers that I had chosen to perform was ‘Immortality’ from the musical Saturday Night Fever, it made sense to me to name the show after the first line of that song – ‘So This is who I am’.

Q: Where and when did your performing and musical career begin?
Harry: It’s very cliché to say that I’ve always been a performer, but in my case, it really is the truth! My mother would sit me down in front of Top of the Pops every week and I would know the words to every song. For the first six years of my life, I was desperately lonely as I didn’t have any siblings.
When I became a teenager my escapism from other things that were happening at the time was performing.
I’d get involved in every production that I possibly could and was fortunate to be nurtured by my music teacher.
We made demo tapes and sent them out to all of the major record labels and I was nearly signed to both Sony and Arista. However, being a pop star was never really meant to be and I could always act, so I decided to go down that avenue resulting in being cast in the premiere of a new musical in the West End. I then took myself off to train at Drama School which is where I really learnt my craft.

Q: Where are you aiming for in your stage career? Any particular roles that you would like to play?
Harry: My aim for the next 12 months is to get back out there and generally fit in as much as possible!
I’d love to do some more plays. I say that every year, and every year I go back to the musicals! There are so many roles that I’d like to play.
Jean Val Jean in Les Miserables and Bobby in Company have to be the two at the top of my Bucket List.
I’d also like to play a Norman Bates type character in a play – a real complex individual. It took me an awful long time to realise that I would never play the ‘pretty boy’ roles, but now I’m good with that. After all, being slightly edgy is much more fun!

Q: What will you do to chill out this Christmas?
Harry: I’m very dedicated and passionate about what I do, so I’ll be working on perfecting the show during some of the Christmas period. When it does get to the time when I relax though, I love nothing more than sitting under a massive duvet, eating rubbish and watching a classic Hollywood film. I’m also a self-confessed party animal, so no doubt some dancing will be featured somewhere along the line!

Q: Why should everyone get along to see your show at The Phoenix Artist Club?
Harry: Everyone should get along to The Phoenix Artist Club to see my show for two reasons:
One: I guarantee to put on a good show! There really is something for everyone, with stuff from Sunset Boulevard and Scott Alan, right thru to Rihanna and Sia.
Two: This is me really stripped bare in front of an audience.
It’s a chance for people to not only come along and have a great evening of musical theatre, but also to learn more about me not only as an actor but also as a person. This is probably the most honest show I’ve ever done which is scary, but also very exciting at the same time.

Q: Anything else you would like to add…
Harry: Yes! Don’t worry – the show isn’t going to be all-out dramatic.
I have a few diva moments thrown in just to even out the balance!



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