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Interview with Kristina Rihanoff – One More Dance

One More Dance starring Kristina Rihanoff and Gleb Savchenko GLEB SAVCHENKO and KRISTINA RIHANOFF are to appear live on stage together in London’s West End at The Adelphi Theatre.

The former stars of Strictly Come Dancing will make two amazing performances of their new show, ONE MORE DANCE, at 3pm and 7:30pm on Sunday 11th  December 2016.

The show is the brainchild of TV judge Elena Samodanova as featured on the shows Dancing With The Stars throughout three different continents across the world and the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance. The show will mark Kristina’s first return to the professional dancefloor since becoming a mum in the summer – and it will be a unique chance to see Gleb in person hot from the set of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in the USA.

Kristina recently took time out to chat about One More Dance.

Q: Firstly, why the title ‘One More Dance’?
Kristina: We named the show because we felt like we need to give our fans one more show or one more dance from us!!
Gleb has a huge following in the UK after last year’s incredible season on Strictly Come Dancing with Anita Rani. He totally transformed her from a non-dancer to a beautiful graceful performer. It’s a shame they didn’t make the final. I think Gleb’s fans were really hoping to see him on Strictly Come Dancing this year but he decided to do American Dancing With The Stars. I know he is greatly missed and this is his chance to do One More Dance for his fans.

For me, it’s pretty much the same thing. I want to get on that stage and perform one more time for all of the loyal amazing fans who supported me for 8 years on Strictly Come Dancing. Having a family is the most fulfilling feeling in the world but of course, I miss dancing and this is my chance to give back to the fans.

Q: What are you looking forward to most in the show?
Kristina: Rehearsals, as I know it will whip me back into shape! lol – I love a creative process and I look forward to dancing and choreographing. Gleb’s wife Elena Samodanova will be producing and choreographing the show with me so it will be very exciting! She is a fantastic producer and has done shows like this in Russia and Australia.
But most of all I’m looking forward to seeing our fans in the audience! We have a Q/A section and audience participation! We want to make the show interactive and fun for the whole audience!!

Q: How excited are you to be working with Gleb Savchenko?
Kristina: Gleb and I partnered each other last year on Strictly Come Dancing in most of the group numbers and solos. He is a very solid strong partner and it’s always exciting to dance with him. He is very expressive and loves interesting and unusual choreography just like me. It will be loads of fun to perform with him.

Q: The show is described as “when old school meets the new.” Can you expand on this?
Kristina: We have an amazing cast of eight extra dancers who trained in Tap, Jazz, Hip-hop and Modern Ballet. We specifically cast dancers like this with a different set of skills to us. We want to bring the flavours of old Hollywood dancing like Tap and Foxtrot to new modern Jazz and Hip Hop. It’s great to have a variety of different styles on the show. But of course, we will include people’s favourite dances like Argentine tango, Salsa , Lindy Hop and Jive.

Q: This is your return to the professional dance-floor since becoming a mother this summer. How do you think ‘being a family’ will affect your dance career?
Kristina: Life is very different now since I had my little one. She is the most important and precious thing in my life. I didn’t want to come back to work too early as I didn’t want to miss those special first months with Mila. That’s why this show is perfect as it’s going to be late November when I start working and Mila will be 5 months old. I have a wonderful support from the whole family which allows me to do this show.

Q: Complementing the show are Louise Dearman and Patrick Smyth. What type of songs can the audience expect from them?
Kristina: As it’s close to Christmas we will have a few festive songs. We want the show to be a perfect Xmas gift for the whole family. I hope to see loads of kids in the audience! But most of all there will be famous hits from the Gershwin era and modern hits as well.
Louise Dearman is one of the most powerful voices on West End. When I saw her in Wicked I was stunned how incredible her voice is! She is the only person in the whole world who was able to sing both parts of Elphaba and Glenda! I’m super excited to have her with us!
Patrick sang a few times on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday nights and he has the most beautiful tone to his voice. His ‘Frank Sinatra’ songs are perfect for our ballroom dances so the audience is in for a real treat of dancing and singing.

Q: Why should everyone get along to see One More Dance?
Kristina: It’s a perfect family show where there is something for all generations just like Strictly Come Dancing. We hope to see the fans of the show in the audience and hopefully they will be brave enough to come and dance on stage with us during audience participation!!

Interview by Neil Cheesman

The show will mark Kristina’s first return to the professional dancefloor since becoming a mum in the summer – and it will be a unique chance to see Gleb in person hot from the set of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in the USA. If you thought Gleb was sizzling in the Master Chef kitchen and Kristina was stunning on Strictly then imagine how spicy it will be when you see them live!

After having captured the imagination of the British nation, the only way they can fulfil the public’s appetite for more is simply to return for ‘ONE MORE DANCE. Featuring the world famous 10 Dance Styles of Ballroom and Latin American, and introducing modern dance genres, Gleb and Kristina will appear as you have never seen them before – when old school meets the new.

The show will introduce the audience to a wide spectrum of dance from traditional ballroom to modern tap jazz and contemporary ballet. These will be transformed into a massive dance explosion with singers and dancers co-existing in perfect tune!

To complement the dance spectacular, beautiful vocals and songs will be provided by the UK’s hottest theatre singing sensations “Louise Dearman” and “Patrick Smyth” (as featured across a wide variety of West End, Broadway and major hit TV shows), complete with an all-star cast of guest pro-dancers as featured on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

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One More Dance
Adelphi Theatre
11th December 2016
Doors: 6.30pm
Starts: 7.30pm
Afternoon Performance: 3pm


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