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Laurene Hope stars in Piaf: Love Conquers All

Laurene Hope as Piaf
Laurene Hope as Piaf

“Piaf celebrates 100 years as she returns triumphant to Waterloo with “Piaf Love Conquers All” By Roger Peace

Two hundred years ago in 1815 the French lost the battle of Waterloo.
One hundred years ago Edith Piaf, the iconic French singer was born.

Now in 2015, “Moving On Theatre”, is celebrating the centenary of the famous singer at “Waterloo East Theatre” in London, and 200 years after the French were defeated, Edith Piaf’s story and music return with” H’ymn D’amour” ” the immortal Je Ne Regrette Rein” and ” La Vie En Rose” to conquer London.

Piaf “Love Conquers All” is a One Woman play with songs. Waterloo Theatre East is to open in February with this remarkable roller coaster of a show which tells Piaf’s story from the age of 15 as a young joyful girl, full of joi de vivre, getting discovered by Papa Leplee, her affairs and obsessions with men, until her untimely death from drugs and drink at the age of 47.

“Laurene Hope magnetizes the audience from the moment she enters the stage, becoming the spirit of Piaf, without the need to imitate her. Her voice has the raw emotions and her acting especially in act two, when she portrays the breakdowns and drugs, is electrifying” G N Edinburgh. The show sold out the Edinburgh Henley and Brighton fringe festivals and the feedback was incredible from audiences of all ages.

The synchronicity of finding a theatre in Waterloo to open at, considering it is the bicentenary of the battle and also Piaf’s centenary, is really inspiring and exciting, and we feel this is the right place to put the show on, as I believe that love does in fact conquer all and is stronger than wars” Says Laurene Hope who was brought up in the middle east, and who started to run the theatre company and tour as Piaf, after recovering from a series of mental breakdowns.

I was diagnosed with Border Line Personality Disorder which is great for actors but not In day to day life, and this play enables me to use all my talents in a cathartic way, which stops me from being ill.” Laurene Hope who at the age of 57 and after starting to perform at 6 years old in Dublin as an accordionist, has produced directed s and acts sings and plays her accordion, in the show written by Roger Peace which has been successful off Broadway.

The show starts on 17th February and will be on every evening until Sat 21st at 730 pm and 4pm on 22nd.The monologue is in English with songs in both French in English. “I am very proud to be playing such an amazing character, and bringing back Piaf’s life and music to those who may not know her and to those who will always love and respect the “Little Sparrow” or “La Mome Piaf” and I get to make the audience laugh and cry with me as her and it’s a very special experience.

Laurene will be joined by Nick Jeavons most shows and Jonny Harrison who accompanied her at Edinburgh on Saturday 21st. For more information please check out the website promos videos reviews and feedback live and written:

Piaf : Love Conquers All
Tickets can be purchased from 0207 9280060
www.waterlooeast.co.uk Prices £10-£15
17th to 22nd February 2015

Thursday 5th February 2015


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