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Lost West End 2 – London’s Forgotten Musicals – CD Released Today!

Lost West End 2Stage Door Records’ compilation CD LOST WEST END 2 – LONDON’S FORGOTTEN MUSICALS is released in stores today July 29th 2016.

LOST WEST END 2 is the second volume in Stage Door’s critically acclaimed LOST WEST END album series celebrating London’s forgotten musicals and brings together over 20 unique ‘lost’ West End productions on one album. The collection reflects nearly 40 years of musicals that have come and gone from the West End, showcasing these unique theatrical works. Ranging from 1970 to 2008, all the musicals featured had relatively short London residencies and although they weren’t always met with critical praise, they nevertheless contain interesting, memorable scores and performances that deserve to be heard.

The diverse selection of shows featured include the 1977 Cameron Mackintosh produced musical revue ‘After Shave’, ‘Fire Angel’ a rock opera adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’, ‘Hair’ composer Galt MacDermot’s ‘Isabel’s A Jezebel’ and musical biographies of Sir Francis Drake (‘Drake’s Dream’), Napoleon Bonaparte (‘Napoleon’), Winston Churchill (‘Winnie’) and James Dean (‘Dean’)

The ‘Lost West End’ musicals included are: ‘Isabel’s A Jezebel’ (1970), ‘Bordello’ (1974), ‘Jack The Ripper’ (1974), ‘Maggie’ (1977), ‘Dean’ (1977), ‘Fire Angel’ (1977), ‘After Shave’ (1977), ‘Flowers For Algernon’ (1979), ‘Wild, Wild Women’ (1982), ‘Blondel’ (1984), ‘The Importance’ (1984), ‘Winnie’ (1988), ‘Moby Dick’ (1992), ‘Voyeurz’ (1996), ‘Boyband – The Musical’ (1999), ‘Casper’ (1999) ‘Napoleon’ (2000), ‘Money To Burn’ (2003), ‘Murderous Instincts’ (2004), ‘Zorro’ (2008), ‘Imagine This’ (2008)

Although the shows didn’t last, their music lives on and this collection affirms that the musicals featured are well worth rediscovering.

1. BORDELLO – Company (from ‘Bordello’)
2. I’VE ALWAYS HAD A DREAM – Paul Jones (from ‘Drake’s Dream’)
3. WINNIE – Toni Palmer and Company (from ‘Winnie’)
4. STEP ACROSS THE RIVER – Terese Stevens, Eleanor McCready (from ‘Jack The Ripper’)
5. DAMSELS IN DISTRESS – Sue Aldred (from ‘After Shave’)
6. WHATEVER TIME THERE IS – Michael Crawford, Cheryl Kennedy (from ‘Flowers For Algernon’)
7. TILL THE END OF TIME – Anna Sharkey (from ‘Maggie’)
8. SINCERELY YOURS – Amanda Bairstow (from ‘The Importance’)
9. WAITING AND HOPING – Stephanie Martin (from ‘Napoleon’)
10. IMAGINE THIS – Company (from ‘Imagine This’)
11. THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK – Hannah Waddingham (from ‘Zorro’)
12. LOVE WILL ALWAYS – Daniel Frank Kelly, Brian Batt (from ‘Moby Dick’)
13. THE LEAST OF MY TROUBLES – Colm Wilkinson (from ‘Blondel’)
14. RUNNING OUT OF TIME – Robert Campbell (from ‘Dean’)
15. MY BODY’S WEARY – Esther Byrd (from ‘Fire Angel’)
16. MORE THAN EARTH – Company (from ‘Isabel’s A Jezel’)
17. IT’S SO MUCH FUN TO BE GAY – Jonathan D. Ellis (from ‘Murderous Instincts’)
18. MORE – Siobhan Moore, Chris Gorney (from ‘Casper’)
19. GENTLE LOVE – Damien Flood (from ‘Boyband’)
20. I’D DIE FOR YOU – Sally Ann Marsh (from ‘Voyeurz’)
21. FIRE WITH FIRE – Daniel Abineri (from ‘Money To Burn’)
22. SECOND HAND RAG – Nola York, Michael Richmond (from ‘Wild, Wild Women’)


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