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Naked Truth moves to The Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage

Naked Truth StevenageNaked Truth a controversial, cynical new play written by comedian and author of ‘Conscience’ and ‘Factor 2025’ Johnny Tait opened to critical acclaim in the Leicester Square Theatre, now moves to The Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017.

This laugh-out-loud comedy, within a deep dark drama, is certain to be a smash hit. We leap forward and reality TV has taken on a new twist, the government are using it to cover up what is really going on in the world, the viewing figures are higher than anything any TV show has ever had in the history of broadcasting but have the producers gone too far?

From the twelve housemates that begun, we are now down to five who have nothing whatsoever in common apart from the fact that they all have enough skeletons in their cupboard to fill the average cemetery which they are forced against their will to reveal. The dead bodies of housemates following their dismissal from the household result in the biggest-ever hunt for a serial killer that the British police have ever stage.

Starring Ian ‘Blocks’ Robinson (A cold-hearted assassin) Christine Lynn (As Elizabeth a blatant snob) Bethany Irving (As sweet butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth Alice), Adam Benwell (As Trevor the Traffic Warden who despises everyone he meets), Chloe Oliver (A glamour model/ actress that will do anything to land her dream role) Becca Argent (An enthusiast fan) Sarah Priddy (Television Journalist) and Johnny Tait (As Jimmy Slade a has been comedian trying to revive his career). With more twists and turns than the average rollercoaster ‘Naked Truth’ opened in the west end before embarking on a nationwide tour.

Hauntingly Powerful” “One minute I was laughing out loud, the next I had shivers running down my spine
Contains extreme adult content, not suitable for children.

Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre,
Lytton Way, Stevenage,
Hertfordshire, SG1 1LZ.


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