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New musical theatre comedy Vampirette

Popular trends come and go in our modern day world. In the list of what’s hot and what’s not, vampires are still pretty darn hot. Since the emergence of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, people have been fascinated with the blood-drinking undead and, in more recent times, Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight books and the subsequent film sagas have taken the world by storm. As a redhead, pale skin and an aversion to sunlight have blighted me throughout my life, but it wasn’t until Robert Patterson and his ridiculously big hair turned up that it actually became ‘cool’. Vampires have been dominating the world of television, film and literacy for some years now, but those long-toothed bloodsuckers are now creeping into the world of theatre.

Fans have been calling for a Twilight musical, and in January 2012 they (kind of) got their wish when Twilight popped up at New World Stages in New York for a one night only concert performance with Twilight: The Musical, a parody reading of the Twilight books with original songs such as, ‘Life Sucks When Your Boyfriend Is A Vampire’. In the UK, we’ve given vampire enthusiasts a brand new theatrical production with the musical comedy Vampirette.

In full pun glory, Vampirette is billed as a musical comedy with bite as it prepares for its debut at the Manchester Opera House this May. The fang-tastic new musical features youthful vampire Vampi who, despite that pesky little matter of being, you know, dead, just wants to date, shop and all those things that come with a normal life. Vampirette is written by Jonathan Choat and directed by Ed Curtis, featuring a great line-up of names in its cast. Starring as Vampi is WWRY’s Lauren Samuels, with Adam C. Booth as her brother Rudi and Stuart Matthew Price (Shrek) as Andrew Van Helsing. Other names include Jay Worthy as Dr Acula, Caroline Deverill as Countess Zanguina, Matthew Rixon as Igor and Norman Bowman as slimy reporter Stanley Pea, with Emma Cannon, Rhiannon S. Porter and Kathryn Rooney as the Vampettes. The audience are encouraged to get into the spirit of things by vamping it up in costume, with a prize being awarded to the best-dressed vampire each night. The musical includes some classic hit songs, such as Come Fly With Me, I’ve Got You Under My Skin and Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Vampires are often portrayed as dark, brooding creatures of the night, frozen in time as they face an eternity of life; you only have to watch the Twilight films and the television series of The Vampire Diaries to see more of these dramatized realisations. Vampirette aims to bring a little fun to their sunless world, making you scream with laughter instead of fear. Everyone likes a good vampire story and that’s just what we have here, with the added chance to fully immerse yourself in the experience with some fangs, black clothes and a little fake blood to complete the package. Vampirette plays at the Manchester Opera House from 4th-19th May 2012, so if you enjoy the theatre as well as toothy nightwalkers, then this is the show for you.

By Julie Robinson (@missjulie25)

Friday 27th April 2012


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