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Park Theatre July to December 2018 Season Announced

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

Park Theatre today announce their new July – December 2018 season. Featuring a mix of new and existing writing, the season includes six World Premieres, one UK Premiere, three celebrated revivals and a brace of homegrown productions, two of which have been developed through Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator programme.

In response to customer demand, Park Theatre have also introduced Monday performances across a majority of shows in the new season and introduced a new Park200 pricing structure that includes a wider range of pricing with a new band C rate and a single access concession.

Artistic Director Jez Bond says: “I’m excited to be presenting a season which includes two in-house shows in Park200, and two shows that we’ve supported through our Script Accelerator programme in Park90 – where we’ll be exploring the sometimes challenging, but wonderfully told, stories about our mental health and wellbeing. It’s heartening to be able to present so many plays which at their heart are simply wonderful, engaging stories which deal with many themes – race, mental health, dementia, FGM – that are so pertinent in today’s society. We’ve further increased our range of access performances, we’ve added Monday evening shows and we’ve created more dynamic ticket pricing, with three bands, and lower priced tickets across certain performances to balance a small increase at the top end.

The world premiere of black comedy End Of The Pier by Danny Robins opens the new season in PARK200, as Les Dennis stars alongside Blake Harrison, Nitin Ganatra and Tala Gouveia as a former comedy presenter and national treasure thrust back into the limelight, at the centre of a media frenzy. A revival of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice follows, with the beloved story of a timid but brilliant singer led by real-life mother and daughter Sally George and Rafaella Hutchinson. Karen Archer stars as a brilliant neurologist studying dementia who develops the condition herself, in the world premiere of psychological thriller The Other Place. Joanna Murray-Smith’s unflinching portrait of what happens when a secure marriage suddenly stalls comes next, in a revival of Honour. Park Theatre also provides the Shakespeare Schools Foundation a platform on the main stage, with a series of unique abridged Shakespeare productions by local schools in Shakespeare Schools Festival. A revival of J.M. Barrie’s original 1904 play of Peter Pan closes the PARK200 season, as the family favourite from Neverland takes flight on stage.

End of the Pier
End of the Pier

Alkaline by Stephanie Martin commences the new PARK90 season, in a home-grown production from Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator programme about a woman who converts to Islam for her soon to be husband, and the effects this has on her relationship with her best friend. The world premiere of Spiral tells the story of two troubled women, exploring issues surrounding teen runaways, abuse and bullying. Distance follows, with the only male-directed play in PARK90’s season shining a light on male depression and suicide (the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK) with the story of Stephen: a man trying to make sense of his world. During Black History Month, Bullet Hole takes a stark look at female genital mutilation through the eyes of three Londoners, as their different cultures and backgrounds come together. A Pupil follows the story of Simona, a disgraced former violinist preparing to end her life, who is persuaded to tutor an aspiring musician, throwing her plans into disarray. Ending the season is Dialektikon, which follows the story of Miranda as she delves into the underworlds.

11 July – 11 August 2018
Park Theatre presents the World Premiere of
By Danny Robins
Cast: Les Dennis, Nitin Ganatra, Tala Gouveia and Blake Harrison
Press Night: Mon 16 Jul, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Parents & Babies: Mon 23 Jul 1pm
Captioned: Fri 10 Aug 7.30pm
‘I used to dream of people remembering my jokes. Now I just wish they’d forget.’
Bobby was once a household name with 20 million TV viewers – but now the laughter has faded. Resigned to a life of solitude and second-rate panto performances, his glory days are behind him. When Michael, the nation’s favourite comedian, arrives at his door asking desperately for help to save his career, Bobby is unwillingly thrown into the limelight once again. A dark question lurks behind the laughs: What if, inside, you’re not the person everyone thinks you are?

Les Dennis has had an extensive TV career and is well known for his role in Coronation Street and as the host of Family Fortunes. Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners), soap star Nitin Ganatra and Tala Gouveia star alongside.

End of the Pier is a powerful new black comedy from acclaimed writer Danny Robins (Rudy’s Rare Records, starring Lenny Henry at Hackney Empire and on Radio 4, and Radio 4’s The Cold Swedish Winter).
‘All comedy needs victims, Bobby. It was just your turn’

15 August – 15 September 2018
Land of Green Ginger and Ann Pinnington Productions in association with Park Theatre present
Written by Jim Cartwright
Directed by Tom Latter
Designed by Jacob Hughes
Cast includes: Sally George, Rafaella Hutchinson and Jamie Rose Monk
Press Night: Tue 21 Aug, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Captioned: Wed 5 Sep, 7.30pm
“You have lights. I have voices.”
A timid and brilliant young woman, Little Voice has a hidden talent – she can sing like the greatest divas of the 20th Century.

Living a lonely life in a northern town, all she wants is to feel safe in her room with her records. No chance with mother Mari on the rampage – she’s after booze, a man, a greasy breakfast, and a working phoneline.

When local impresario Ray forces Little Voice into the spotlight, her transformation astounds everyone. Then the battle between mother and daughter truly erupts.

Funny, brutal, beautiful and sad, Jim Cartwright’s timeless and ultimately uplifting tale is a comic tragedy about finding your voice in a noisy world.

19 September – 20 October 2018
A Park Theatre and Theatre by the Lake co-production and UK Premiere in association with Abinger Productions
By Sharr White
Directed by Claire van Kampen
Cast includes: Karen Archer
Press Night: Mon 24 Sep, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Captioned: Fri 12 Oct, 7.30pm
Parents & Babies: Thu 18 Oct, 1pm
Confident, intelligent and highly successful neurologist Juliana Smithton is at the top of her game.
But while delivering a lecture to a roomful of doctors, she’s interrupted by a series of disturbing events… With her husband filing for divorce and her health in the balance, Juliana’s life suddenly starts unravelling.

As details emerge of a ten-year-old mystery, fact blurs with fiction, the past collides with the present, secrets are spilled and slowly the elusive and shocking truth is revealed.

Nothing is as it seems in the UK Premiere of Sharr White’s brilliantly crafted and emotionally charged psychological thriller.

25 October – 24 November 2018
Tiny Fires in association with Park Theatre presents
Written by Joanna Murray-Smith
Directed by Paul Robinson
Press Night: Tue 30 Oct, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Captioned: Wed 21 Nov, 7.30pm
“Sometimes one craves something for years – for years – and one just defers from – from acting on it…”
For Honor and George, the arrival of the self-assured Claudia threatens to wreck a 32-year marriage. But as the power balance starts to shift, the husband, wife, daughter and mistress together must face the fundamental question – what is love?

Often compared to David Hare’s Skylight and Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, Honour paints an unflinching portrait of what happens when a secure marriage suddenly stalls, and when the opportunity arises for one life to be revived at the expense of another. Staged in-the-round, immerse yourself in this poignant and gripping revival!

27 November – 28 November 2018
Shakespeare Schools Foundation in association with Park Theatre presents
Created by Shakespeare Schools Foundation
Times: 7pm
Shakespeare Schools Foundation is proud to present the world’s largest youth drama festival at Park Theatre.
This exhilarating evening will feature a series of unique abridged Shakespeare productions by local schools.

See Shakespeare’s timeless stories brought to life like never before, and support young people from your community as they take to the stage.
Details of the schools performing at the Park Theatre can also be found on SSF’s website: www.shakespeareschools.org/the-festival

Shakespeare Schools Foundation is a cultural education charity, transforming lives through the unique power of Shakespeare. Their annual Festival provides a platform for up to 30,000 young people to express themselves and grow in confidence as they take to a professional stage. This year, they mark their 18th birthday with a Season of Democracy, in which young people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have been finding their ‘voice’ in their school rehearsal room, culminating in a thrilling night of theatre.

5 December 2018 – 5 January 2019
Damien Tracey Productions and Park Theatre present
The original J.M. Barrie play
Directed by Jonathan O’Boyle
Press Night: Fri 7 Dec, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.30pm, Matinees selected Thu & Sat 3pm, school matinees Tue & Thu. See full schedule online.
Relaxed: Fri 21 Dec 13.30,
Audio Described: Sat 5 Jan, 3pm (Touch Tour, 1.30pm)

“Come with me Wendy; I’ll teach you to fly, we’ll jump on the wind’s back and then away to Neverland.”
In 1904, J.M. Barrie premiered one of the greatest adventures to ever play on a theatrical stage. Filled with mermaids, pirates and fairies, lost boys and crocodiles, this is the stunning original story of the boy who could fly.

With the help of a little sprinkle of fairy dust, Peter Pan will be a thrilling theatrical treat this Christmas.

The multi-award nominated Damien Tracey Productions is delighted to be joining forces with Park Theatre to bring the stunning original J.M. Barrie text to the London stage once more. Directed by Jonathan O’Boyle whose production of Hair (The Vaults) won the WhatsOnStage Award for Best Production and Pippin (Southwark Playhouse), nominated for 11 Off West End Awards.

So join us, young and old, and take your seats on the shores of Neverland for what’s sure to be an awfully big adventure.

10 July – 4 August 2018
pluck. productions in association with Park Theatre presents the World Premiere of
Written by Stephanie Martin
Directed by Sarah Meadows
Press Night: Fri 13 Jul, 7pm
Times: Evenings Tue-Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Parents and Babies: Tue 31 Jul, 1pm
Audio Described: Thu 2 Aug, 7.45pm (Touch Tour, 6pm)

“Their hot, angry, confused eyes nervously glancing up at my headscarf, as if they could catch something. Why don’t you like it? Why do you care?”
Sophie and Sarah have been friends since secondary school, but when Sarah converts to Islam and announces her engagement to a married man, their friendship is shaken to the core.

Alkaline is a play about rebellion, faith and fear. Where does our duty lie? Do we ever dare to be different?

7 August – 1 September 2018
Veritas Theatre Company in association with Park Theatre presents the World Premiere of
Written by Abigail Hood
Designer Nomi Everall
Cast includes Abigail Hood and Jasper Jacob
Press Night: Wed 8 Aug, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Captioned: Tue 28 Aug, 7.45pm

London, 2018. A bedsit. A young woman in trouble. A bridge. A missing teenager – and parents searching for answers.

This dark, compelling story looks at the damage that happens when you can’t trust the people you love. Whilst a young woman is pushed to the edge of what she can bear, a teenager inexplicably disappears, and a family is left in turmoil.

Do we really know the people we are closest to? Does our past shape our future? Can other people save us? Or must we save ourselves?

5 September – 29 September 2018
Fine Line Productions in association with Rough Fiction and Park Theatre present the World Premiere of
Written by Alex McSweeney
Directed by Simon Pittman
Press Night: Fri 7 Sep, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Relaxed: Sat 22 Sep, 3.15pm
Audio Described: Fri 28 Sep, 7.45pm (Touch Tour 6pm)

“The distance between us can grow without taking a single step.”
A complex recent past and a fragile present collide, as Steven tries to make sense of his world. We accelerate headlong into his chaotic and troubled inner life, as an everyday encounter unravels into something disturbing and unrestrained.

Fine Line Productions (Out Of The Cage) return to Park Theatre with a physically dynamic, technically bold portrayal of the mind, bringing you an urgent and darkly funny examination of the impact of mental illness.

This play was developed as part of the Park Theatre Script Accelerator programme.

2 October – 27 October 2018
Freedom Tongues & Naiad Productions in association with Park Theatre present
Written by Gloria Williams
Directed by Lara Genovese
Press Night: Fri 5 Oct, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Captioned: Fri 26 Oct, 7.45pm
“So I finally got my gift. Gifts are meant to be opened, right?”
Young Londoner Cleo was given her ‘gift’ at age seven – except that ‘gift’ left her with type 3 Female Genital Mutilation.

How can Cleo love her body when she has been scarred by her husband in a brutal sexual assault? Finding strength after this hideous act, Cleo resolves to go against her family’s wishes and seek reversal surgery. On her journey of healing, Celo meets Eve, a fellow FGM victim who is instantly drawn to her…

A story of hope, love and human rights played by an all-female cast.
Shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon Audience Award 2017.

31 October – 24 November 2018
Bear Trap and Kosky Productions in association with Park Theatre present the World Premiere of
Written by Jesse Briton
Directed by Jessica Daniels
Composed by Colin Sell
Press Night: Mon 5 Nov, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Dementia Friendly: Thu 15 Nov, 1pm
Audio Described: Fri 23 Nov, 7.45pm(Touch Tour, 6pm)
In a dilapidated North London bedsit, Simona, a disgraced former violinist, is preparing to end her life. The surprise arrival of Ye, an aspiring musician and wealthy heiress, throws her plans into disarray.

Together the pair embark on a series of lessons that will test the limits of friendship, music and success.

From multi-award-winning writer Jesse Briton (Bound) comes a new play, directed by Jessica Daniels (Resident Director, Girl from the North Country); featuring live classical music and original compositions by Colin Sell (Radio 4).
This play was developed as part of the Park Theatre Script Accelerator programme.

6 December – 29 December 2018
Ex Nihilo Theatre Group in association with Park Theatre presents World Premiere of

Written by Jacky Ivimy
Directed by Adébayo Bolaji
Composed by Kate Luxmoore
Designed by Karl Robertshaw
Puppetry by Jenny Dee
Press Night: Mon 10 Dec, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon-Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Parents & Babies: Fri 28 Dec, 1pm

A dragon’s roar wakes Miranda into a fantastical lost world. The idol Moloch rules over heaps of treasure and weapons as great voices from the past cry out to Miranda to right the wrongs of an angry Earth. Led by Ayida Wedo, mysterious spirit guide, can she find her own wisdom and the courage to escape from this black mirror world of greed and war without falling for the wiles of the ominous Servant?

A deliciously dark ‘down-the-rabbit-hole’ tale, a play of ideas to add sparkle to your winter evenings.


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