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Q&A with Chris Larkin from the cast of Pack of Lies

Chris Larkin (Bob Jackson) and Finty Williams (Barbara Jackson) - (c) Nobby Clarke
Chris Larkin (Bob Jackson) and Finty Williams (Barbara Jackson) – (c) Nobby Clarke

The Jacksons are a nice middle aged English couple. Their best friends are the Krogers, their Canadian neighbours. All is blissful in their world until a detective from Scotland Yard asks to use their house as an observation station to foil a Soviet spy ring operating in the area. They are really put to the test when the detective asks them to help set a trap. Should they betray their friends… Or their country?

Casting for the major revival of Hugh Whitemore’s Pack of Lies.
Hannah Chissick directs Jasper Britton as (Stewart), Sia Dauda (Sally), Alasdair Harvey (Peter Kroger), Chris Larkin (Bob Jackson), Macy Nyman (Julie Jackson), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Helen Kroger), Natalie Walter (Thelma) and Finty Williams (Barbara Jackson).
The production opens on 1st October, with previews from 20th September, and runs until 17th November 2018.

Chris Larkin on Pack of Lies

Q: What attracted you most to be a part of Pack of Lies?
Chris: Bob is such a terrific part but what I loved more was the play. It was such a fantastic read and I was intrigued by a play set in such intimate domesticity, but larger things lurk just outside.

Q: How are rehearsals?
Chris: Rehearsals have been very hard work. The work is extremely precise and the text mirrors the work the actors have to put into joining those words to those characters. There has also been fascinating research into the period and the themes of the play.

Q: Can you tell us about your character Bob Jackson and how he fits into the storyline?
Chris: Bob and Barbara are quiet happy couple living in suburban West Ruislip. Their world is turned upside down by the appearance of Mr Stewart. They are forced to compromise friendship for country. Who would you betray? Your friends or your country. That is the question Bob and Barbara are faced to answer.

Q: Written in 1983 – is the play contemporary or will the audience take a step back in time?
Chris: The audience will be definitely taken into 1960’s Ruislip right down to the 1957 Black Ford Consul on Stage! The themes are contemporary, but the setting is definitely 1960.

Q: Why should theatregoers get along to see Pack of Lies?
Chris: This play is perfect for revival now. Events in Salisbury this year throw light on the fact that these are active agents working right now in the UK. No different from 1960. It is extraordinary that a true story from 1960 can resonate today. The world of KGB & MI5 in 1960 isn’t much different to Salisbury in 2018.

Listings Information Pack of Lies
Menier Chocolate Factory
53 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU
Press performance:  1 October at 8pm
Dates:  20 September – 17 November 2018


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