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Rose Playhouse: Christopher Marlowe’s Massacre at Paris

News January 2014Christopher Marlowe’s final play, The Massacre at Paris, will be performed at the Rose Playhouse on Bankside where it premiered in January 1593. Directed by James Wallace, performances commence 11th March, with Opening Night on 13th March and performances running trough to 29th March 2014.

The Rose Playhouse, Bankside’s first theatre, is located at an indoor archaeological site, near Shakespeare’s Globe. This production is said to be the first London staging of The Massacre at Paris in over 400 years.

The Massacre at Paris is described as a retelling of the previous twenty years of the French Wars of Religion, beginning with the marriage of the Catholic sister of Charles IX of France to the Protestant Henry, King of Navarre, a marriage promising religious peace – a peace that is destroyed by the scheming Queen Mother, Catherine de Medici, in league with the villainous Duke of Guise, the ultimate Marlovian over-reacher.

At breakneck speed, we are shown the cold, careful planning of mass-murder, the shocking events of the notorious St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in Paris, where thousands of Protestants were butchered in the streets on Aug. 23 1572, then Navarre’s flight, Charles’ death, and the accession to the French throne of his flamboyant, homosexual brother, Henry III, up to his murder in 1589, which left protestant Henry of Navarre as the new King of France.

Massacre at Paris is produced by Gene David Kirk for The Dolphin’s Back.

Further details from http://www.rosetheatre.org.uk/

Tuesday 14th January 2014


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