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The Actors Centre On Demand

In Search Of White Identity.The Actors Centre has announced a season of on demand theatre, running from 13th November – 13th December. Encompassing an eclectic mix of productions presented in association with The Actors Centre, the digital season, which will be available to stream here, includes the continuation of The Latin American Season, curated by Untold Collectiv (which was previously running in the Centre’s John Thaw Studio), In Search of a White Identity by Cliffordkuju Henry, and The Old House by Kate Maravan.

Speaking about the season, Mitchell Reeve, Theatre Programme Manager at The Actors Centre said: “Following the critically acclaimed live and digital run of Sunnymead Court, we are delighted to be able to offer audiences this season of on-demand theatre, which includes a plethora of new work from dynamic and exciting theatremakers. When we went into lockdown back in March, we were in the midst of our run for The Latin American Season, featuring a series of work-in-progress productions from Latinx artists. We are thrilled to be able to complete the season online, which will also include some new additions. Curated by Untold Collectiv, the season will be available on-demand for two weeks and will encompass seven productions, ranging from rehearsed readings, work-in-progress pieces and fully-fledged digital plays.

We are incredibly excited for audiences to finally see Cliffordkuju Henry’s In Search of a White Identity, and for this crucial and pertinent play to reach wider audiences through our on-demand programme. In today’s political climate, its message of unity and commonality against the odds is a powerful and vital one.

The on demand season is completed by Kate Maravan’s, The Old House, which is a poignant and touching play inspired by Kate’s mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s; exploring how two womens’ journeys of loss and new found freedom are interwoven.

The Actors Centre On Demand Season will be available to stream here from 13 November – 13 December, with each production available from 7.30pm on its debut night.

The Latin American Season, presented by The Actors Centre and curated by Untold Collectiv: 13 – 29 November
Shaken by Mariana Lafón.
1985, Mexico. The event that marked and united an entire generation. We are facing a national emergency. The ground is still shaking. Doors and windows flapping, smoke, explosions, panic and chaos. Civilians and rescuers looking for survivors under the collapsed buildings. There’s no time left. Your help is needed. Did you hear that? Voices coming from under the debris! Quick a shovel! We need someone that can fit through the gaps! Mariana Lafón brings a true story to life using Mexican traditional dance, music, puppetry and ruthless humor. A heartbreaking but hopeful journey that will make time return in order to keep the past alive and honor the lives that were lost.

Playing Latinx by Guido Garcia Lueches
An actor from South America comes to London and very quickly realises he’ll mostly be hired to play exotic characters, so he adapts. He learns to move, speak and write like a Latinx person should. And he starts getting hired. What lies behind the facade? What does his real accent sound like? Does he even know anymore? Merging spoken word poetry, stand up comedy & music, Guido will take us through the journey of constructing a wholly new identity whilst figuring out his place in the UK theatre scene.

He Wanted to be a Bird by Eduardo Arcelus
The emotional entanglements and consequences of a polyamorous relationship. Nate is a young actor from London. He’s simultaneously dating Santiago, a Mexican man in his early thirties, and Ava, an art restorer from New Zealand. The relationship is consensual and has its clear rules, but both parties start to break them as they each try to keep Nate only to themselves.

The Crocodile’s Neck: The Impractical Murder of Christian Morales by Alejandro Alberola
Murder isn’t family-friendly. Victoria has made two huge mistakes in her life. Marrying Christian was the first. Trying to kill him was the second…

Caperucita by Larisa Munoz and Sara Lessmann
A picture of a tattoo. It belongs to someone Red knows…Or, at least she thinks it does? To find out, she will have to go back in time to meet the man all over again. Weaving together poetry, fairytale, and storytelling, Caperucita will take you on a journey across borders to places our characters never thought they would return to.

Failing at ADDulthood by Splash Morales
From her diagnosis to the later effects of it in her adult life,  in this comedy Splash takes us through the ups and downs of being a neurodiverse woman while also being raised by one (neurodiverse woman). Spoken-word based, this show is a story of a woman coming to terms with her ADHD.

Roller Coaster: An Adventure for Times like These
When was the last time you went to a Roller Coaster? When was the last time you fell? When was the last time you felt?
The audience is invited to fasten the seat belt to sit, sense, listen and stop the Roller Coaster of life to actually start living their own life. Hold your breath because Roller Coaster will take you through a journey of what happens inside of someone’s experience while life goes faster than we can handle.
This film is drawn from a dance dramaturgy of Julia Testa’s MFA at Trinity Laban that brings a poetic collage of images about the velocity of life and inner sensations.

In Search of a White Identity: 27 November – 6 December
Patrick and Mickey grew up together, so when they are both arrested during a march, why are they on opposing sides? Detained in the same police cell overnight, they are forced to face the complexity of their upbringing.
Directed by Victoria Evaristo, In Search of a White Identity introduces writer-performer Cliffordkuju Henry as Patrick and Drew Edwards as Mickey. Originally part of The Actors Centre’s Working Class Season curated by Actors Awareness in 2019, this re-visioned production casts a prophetic eye over the urgent matters of today.

The Old House by Kate Maravan: 4 – 13 December
Inspired by Kate’s mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s The Old House explores the possibility that relating to someone with dementia can be a creative and meaningful exchange. A discovery of the person we are with now rather than an attachment to who we once knew and an alive connection to the present moment. How distinctions between well/ill, young/ old are less defined.
The Old House gives us an understanding of the potential of Alzheimer’s to contribute and enrich.



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