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The Lost Spirit Theatre Company’s Icarus at The Arcola Theatre

ICARUSIcarus by The Lost Spirit Theatre Company’s is at The Arcola Theatre from 13th September to 17th September 2016.

A lot of things happen for the first time in this world.
Trapped in a labyrinth and desperate to escape, Daedalus decides to build a flying machine. His son, the rebellious Icarus, thinks it futile. But once the machine is constructed, things start looking up. Will their newfound freedom herald an exciting adventure, or could it mean destruction?

Icarus is the enthralling new play by multi award-winning designer and director Hooman Shabahang (Tunnel, The Earth Opera, Cocoon, Awaken, Waiting for Godot, The Lost Spirit). Loosely based on the Greek myth, it explores the complexities of power through the relationship between a father and his son.

Arun Daniel [Icarus]
Meurig Marshall [Daedalus]
Ivan Comisso
Gina Radford
Mathieu Clay
Simi Egbejumi-David

Text Hooman Shabahang, Direction Hooman Shabahang, Costume Designer Ippolita Valentinetti, Set Designer Hooman Shabahang, Graphic Design Shadi Rezaei, Sound Designer Meurig Marshall, Lighting Designer Robert Price, Associate Director Amy Wicks, Production Manager Harry Bowerman, Stage Manager John Cantlow, Dramaturg John Jack Paterson, Lighting Technician Sarah Readman, Metal Construction Richard Rudnicki, Design Assistant Amin Tashayoienejad.



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