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John Owen-Jones and Anna O’Byrne sing at The Bolshoi Theatre

John Owen-JonesJohn Owen-Jones and Anna O’Byrne perform ‘Phantom of The Opera‘ at The Golden Mask Awards Ceremony at The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, on 18th April, 2014.

In addition to singing, John and Anna present the award for Best Musical.

Golden Mask is the National Theatre Award established in 1993 by the Theatre Union of Russian Federation.

The Golden Mask Award is the most prestigious award that is given to productions in all genres of theatre art: drama, opera, ballet, modern dance, operetta, musical, and puppet theatre.

Anna OByrneGolden Mask is an all-Russian Theatre Festival that takes place in Moscow in the spring of each year demonstrating the most significant premiers of the previous season.

The awards are often said to be the Russian equivalent of the Tonys or Oliviers, and are part of the Golden Mask Festival which takes place annually.

Phantom of The Opera at The Bolshoi Theatre
Phantoms: John Owen-Jones, David Arnsperger, Dmitri Ermak
Christines: Anna O’Byrne, Lauri Brons, Tamara Kotova

A very special performance at the 20th annual Golden Mask Awards ceremony at Moscow’s magnificent Bolshoi Theatre. Featuring three Christine Daaés Anna O’Byrne (London), Lauri Brons (Hamburg) & Tamara Kotova (Moscow) and three Phantoms John Owen Jones (London), David Arnsperger (Hamburg), Dmitry Ermak (Moscow).

Phantom Moscow opens October 2014 at the MDM Theatre.

Впервые в истории главный номер легендарного мюзикла «Призрак Оперы» в исполнении артистов из Великобритании, Германии и России в сопровождении Большого симфонического оркестра и хора на исторической сцене Большого театра! Выступление на 2-х языках открыло XX юбилейную Церемонию вручения Российской Национальной театральной Премии «Золотая Маска»! А совсем скоро — премьера «Призрака Оперы» в России!

Find out what Anna O’Byrne has to say about her experience:
Facebook page.
Visit John Owen-Jones official website for his updates:

Thursday 17th April 2014


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