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Musical star turns entrepreneur to create new online resource

Jonny Purchase
Jonny Purchase

They say “sometimes you have to create you’re own work in this business” and that’s exactly what actor Jonny Purchase has done. Only this creation is not only something never seen before, it also has the potential to help thousands of actors and performers across London.

Performer Friendly Jobs” is a new online resource helping performers find bread and butter jobs in between long performing contracts. All of the jobs listed are specifically filtered to make sure they fit the schedule and needs of the working actor.

Jonny Purchase, currently in Les MiserablesQueens Theatre, came up with the idea whilst searching for jobs himself. “I was coming up to the stage of leaving Les Miserables a few years back and realised that there was nothing out there to help us performers find specific jobs that fit into our schedule. I was searching through hundreds of pages of jobs that weren’t suitable and thought wouldn’t it be great to have one page where there are hundreds of jobs specifically for auditioning actors.

Jonny then spoke about the idea to a fellow actor and together, they created the initial stages of “Performer Friendly Jobs” The main focus of the site is to help performers support themselves when the big performing contracts aren’t coming in. All jobs listed are advertised to be “fun, flexible and well paid.

Every choice we have made making this resource had the performers need at heart. We’ve kept the price very low compared to most luxury resources and tried to keep a strategy where we get as many jobs posted as possible. We’ve started the business here in London, but hopefully we can open it up nationwide in time.

Performer Friendly Jobs also has a “members offers” section where members can receive £150+ worth of industry services. There are also pages for CV & invoice templates, advice and guidance.

So how does a west end performer juggle a full time performing job and his own business?

It’s been hard work! It’s also been a lot of fun. But it’s something I think everyone is doing to stay active at the moment. A lot of my friends have businesses of their own. You see a lot of photographers, show reel editors, entertainment companies and dance teachers etc producing their own work to support themselves. It seems just being a performer isn’t enough these days.

Unless you’re a well known star, it’s such a hard industry to be continuously successful in. Once you find an idea worth pursuing, it helps you support yourself a lot more in the future. The hard bit is finding something that no one else is doing.

You can visit Performer Friendly Jobs here www.performerfriendlyjobs.co.uk

Performer Friendly Jobs
Managing Director – Jonny Purchase
Twitter – @performer_jobs
Facebook – www.facebook.com/performerfriendlyjobs
Email – info@performerfriendlyjobs.co.uk


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  1. What an incredibly clever idea. He deserves the success which is so obviously coming his way.

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