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Ruby at The Bread & Roses Theatre London

RUBYBourne West Productions have announced that they will be producing a brand new play by Jonathan Stephenson at the award winning theatre The Bread & Roses in Clapham, London.

Ruby will be performing at The Bread & Roses Theatre, starring Hannah-Jane Pawsey and Jonathan Stephenson.

Ruby deals with discussions on what makes a great curry, class, sexual politics, dented pride, mourning and studies whether there really can be friendship between two people that have a troubled past.

It’s been a while since Verity has had any fun. It’s been a troubling few years for her. She broke up with her boyfriend Ed during the recession. Her mother’s cancer came back and there were difficult decisions to be made. Ed knocks on the door one evening and brings back to the surface repressed feelings and dented pride. Can Verity reveal to Ed what her Mum had asked her? Can there be a reconciliation with the past or will it hang around their necks for the distant future? As past and present collide there are important questions to be asked. What’s the best curry out there?

What I think is exciting and vital about the Bread and Roses is their capacity to reach new audiences in London. It’s a Theatre that’s always willing to excite with its programming and never shies away from bold storytelling which is why it’s the perfect venue to share Ruby. Ruby is an intimate play that asks challenging questions about the politics of relationships, class, having a terminal illness and bringing those themes to Bread and Roses seemed like the best decision.” – Jonathan Stephenson, Artistic Director of Bourne West Productions.

Dates: 30th August – 3rd September 2016

Verity – Hannah-Jane Pawsey
Ed – Jonathan Stephenson

Co-directed by
Luke Clarke
Jessica Rose Boyd

Produced and designed by
Dora Jejey
Eleanor King


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