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Sensual Dreams at The Hippodrome Casino

Sensual Dreams at Hippodrome LiveVaudeville is back, kinkier and naughtier. West End Singers Rosalind James, Kelly-Anne Gower join your host for the evening Miss mince Meat anMove to Bind the amazing Steve Dela Magician, Aerialist Elizabeth Williams, Pole Dancer Miss Kirty-lou, Cirque du Soleil star Darren Tait and his sidekick Vikki-Anne Lee with the cast of Sensual Dreams, fusing Dance, Theatre, Cirque and Magic creating a dynamic experience for the audience with creative choreography by Ricardo Canadinhas and Naomi Jeffery.

The show fills the audience with anticipation and love. The High standard of dance and acts in the show needs no trickery or smoke and mirrors. The show is a suggestive, clean cut to a high standard, which leaves the audience in suspense and hearts racing during this grand spectacular. The story is based around a man who falls asleep and wakes up in an imaginary world filled with seductive women and men teasing and playing with his emotions. As he attempts to interact with his dream he realises he can produce magic.

The story line has been kept simple and direct to the point. A young man falls asleep and wakes up in a imaginary world, full of beautiful men and women singing, dancing and flying above and around him. However, the young man can’t seem to get their attention. He then realises he can produce magic and he uses this to entice the people around him to interact with him in his dreams. The show is brought together by a series of artists.

Cast: Rosalind James, Kelly-Anne Gower, Steve Dela, Miss Mince Meat, Darren Tait, Kirsty Wone, Elizabeth Williams, Vikki-Anne Lee, Alexandra Livesey, Lizzie McConachie, Naomi Hannam, Philip Town, Jobe Potter, Jack Storm, Philip Birchall.

Directed by Ricardo Canadinhas
Choreography by Ricardo Canadinhas and Naomi Jeffery,
Costumes by Lisa Armstrong & Ricardo Canadinhas
Produced by Faithless Productions.
Lighting by Intelligent Lighting Company.

Thursday 26th June 2014
8PM, Tickets £15, £20, £27.50,
All guests must be 18 or over.


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