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Supporting new writing in the world of theatre…

LovestuckAdam Wollerton is a freelance producer/director/actor/writer and is currently involved with three exciting new projects. He recently took time out to talk about them.

Can you tell us about each of your new projects and are they connected?
There are three shows I’m working on at present – LoveStuck, Friller and The Social Notwork. The latter two are written by Sharon Tracey Wright, a new playwright I was lucky enough to be paired with in a local theatre festival for our first show Full Fat. Following the sell-out success of this play, Sharon approached me again with her new comedy ghost story Friller. After another successful festival launch of this play, we are now seeking Arts Council Funding to take this to the next level in London and have had a positive response so far! The Social Notwork is Sharon’s latest penning and is a flat-out comedy. It’s brilliantly written and has the tagline ‘You’d have to tweet or you’d cry!’ It follows three middle-aged women who, after being made redundant, go digital to get off the dole. You can keep up to date with these two shows as they begin to perform at Brighton and London this year by following them on twitter at @FrillerThePlay and @SocialNotworkNK.

And finally, LoveStuck. This show is extremely personal to me and has taken some time to write. For this production I am in fact the writer of the book, and then have been working closely with my friend and composer PJ Nielsen on lyrics, who will also write the music for the show.

What can you tell us about LoveStuck?
We are currently in pre-production for this musical with a workshop and initial stagings/performances of the music scheduled for later in the year. We are very interested to hear from actors, actresses, and general stagey people who would be interested in working on this new original musical. LoveStuck is all about that moment in your life when you’re coming to your final years at university and the angst and worry of what you will do with the rest of your life hits! Everyone in life has a LoveStuck, one thing they are set on achieving or are stuck to and can’t do without – a boy, a girl, a career, an art, drugs, gaming, music, happiness, your true self. LoveStuck follows four lead individuals when they meet at university and how they all fight against their parents, society, definitions, stereotypes, and more to achieve their one true thing they are stuck in love with. The show deals with raw emotions and so the sound, designs, staging, direction and choreography will all reflect this. We can’t wait to introduce the theatre world to LoveStuck. Follow the progress of the show at @LoveStuckLDN on Twitter, or keep an eye on www.AdamWollerton.com (launching soon) for audition details and upcoming events.

The Social NotworkWhat is the audition process and what type of cast are you looking for?
We are currently casting across all three productions. Friller and The Social Network are due to start rehearsals soon with venues being booked for summer to the end of the year so this is a quick process where actors/actresses are invited to send their headshots and CV to info@sharon-wright-agency.co.uk to apply for the roles we are casting (more details on Twitter!)

For LoveStuck, because this is a musical the process is a little more lengthy. We will require actors/actresses to be strong in all fields of musical theatre and the audition process will reflect this testing vocal, acting and dance ability. More details for when the audition process will begin can be found by following @LoveStuckLDN.

How difficult is it to start a musical from scratch?
This is the first musical I have started from scratch in the role of the writer. In previous experiences I have been a producer or director. The process itself is very long, takes a lot of dedication, and a sensible and determined head. There’s so much more to creating a musical than the writing and the fun parts! With all the fun comes the agony of sourcing funding (or raising money yourself and self-funding), organisation of an entire technical team and backstage crew, sourcing venues for both performances and rehearsals, creating a schedule of rehearsals etc.

The writing part was also a lengthy process. I wrote the book for LoveStuck several times before I was happy with it over a year or so. It was then late last year I turned to my friend PJ Nielsen (who also happens to be a gifted musician!) and said can you read this and see what you think? Writing is a very personal matter – much the same way a musician feels about a piece of music, or an artist a piece of work – you want to be happy when you show it to someone as it all says something about the writer. When PJ came back to me with a hummed beat and a few demos of what he thought the sound of the musical should be, I knew we would work well together as it fitted perfectly and suddenly LoveStuck had a sound and a composer. Since then we have worked hard to build LoveStuck into a finished product. We have a few things planned throughout the rest of 2015 (more details will be announced through our twitter @LoveStuckLDN) but our first step is our workshop. We are going to invite industry professionals and most importantly, actors and actresses, to work with the piece and gain their feedback. This is critical for us in the development of the musical and we can’t wait to show it to the stagey world! If anyone is interested, as I said before, we are urging them to get in touch (- we have a temporary email at LoveStuckMusical@gmail.com) or they can tweet us!

Adam Wollerton MA
Freelance Producer/Director/Actor/Writer
Arts Critic for VADA Magazine

Wednesday 18th March 2015


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