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The Sisterhood at Leicester Square Theatre

The Sisterhood“Henriette just wishes to marry the man she loves… her mother has other ideas.”

Not Quite… is proud to announce its premiere production of the The Sisterhood – a satirical comedy by Ranjit Bolt, one of Britain’s leading translators for stage. The production will be held at the Leicester Square Theatre lounge for a limited run from Friday 1st – Wednesday 6th July 2016.

Not Quite… is a production company that was founded in 2015 by Richard Swann and Jamie Scott-Smith.

Henriette wishes to marry the man she adores. Is that so much to ask?
Apparently so for this trio; her overbearing matriarchal mother; her intellectual, sexless sister and her downright randy aunt. These “learned ladies” have quite the different suitor in mind in the shape of a pompous, bombastic and self-proclaimed ‘genius’ of poetry.

Her downtrodden father is adamant to support Henriette in her choice of husband and so the war begins in hilarious and ridiculous fashion.

Set in a lavish Paris salon during the late 1980’s, ‘The Sisterhood’ is Ranjit Bolt’s adaptation of Molière’s classic satire, ‘Les Femmes Savantes’.

This fast-paced and intelligent comedy, satirising a family of pseudo-intellectual pontificating women, will keep you laughing throughout!

Written by Ranjit Bolt | Adaptation from an original text by Moliere
Directed by Katherine Napier

Featuring: Maria Austin, Rebecca Bell, Katherine Hartshorne Lia Hatzakis, Matthew Marrs, Candice Price, Jamie Scott-Smith, Richard Swann & Danielle Williams.

Prices for the run are set at £12.50 Full Price and £10 Concessions.
Book Tickets Online – www.notquite.co.uk/book


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