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TRIPSPACE PROJECTS new performance space in East London

LimenTRIPSPACE PROJECTS is a brand new performance space in East London which is situated in two converted railway arches at Acton Mews, Haggerston E8. One arch is a superb cultural space holding classes and performances in dance, physical theatre and more while the other arch is the highly rated TripKitchen complete with outdoor terrace.

Over the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd, TripSpace is curating LIMEN, an off-site performance strand to the Hayward Gallery’s exhibition ‘Mirrorcity: London artists on fiction and reality’.

LIMEN is a two day durational exhibition of performance that will inhabit the different spaces of TripSpace’s venue; the work will explore questions such as ‘what is real?’, ‘what are the spaces in between?’, and ‘where is art/the audience supposed to fit?’… Audiences will be treated to a visual feast of performance, installations, projections and discussions and will be encouraged to explore the fantastic spaces on offer at this excellent performance venue.

TripSpace is the brainwave of artists Montse Ventura, Giuliana Majo, and Peter Fiala whose mission is to cultivate artistic ideas around the body and performance and make them a reality through creating and programming performances and developing relationships with like minded artists and organisations.

LIMEN is being co-curated by Giuliana Majo and Pepa Ubera who will present their own artistic work in addition to the work by six further artists. Giuliana and Pepa have been working with Dr Stephanie Rosenthal, Chief Curator of the Hayward Gallery, on the concept and development of LIMEN with a view to bridging the gap between established and underground artistic institutions within the context of the Hayward’s ‘Mirrorcity’.

TripSpace founder members
TripSpace founders (left) left to right: Montserrat Ventura, Giuliana Majo, and Pepa Ubera.

Artistic director Giuliana Majo says: “Although TripSpace is still a very young performance space, we have, in the last year, curated an enormous amount of performances and events. We are thrilled to be presenting LIMEN, the offsite performance strand to Hayward Gallery’s Mirrorcity. Working with the Hayward’s theme of ‘what is real?’ has inspired us to revisit the idea of ‘performance space itself’ and consider the best way of presenting TripSpace within that theme. The performance space we are proposing for the festival is more like a gallery space than a theatrical setting which is unusual for an organisation that usually programmes performance. We will present a ‘durational exhibition of performance manifesting in an overlapping stream of events’ that will inhabit all the spaces of the venue and will blur the boundaries between audience members and performers.

LIMEN means threshold,” continues Giuliana. “By creating proximity between performers and audience we are hoping to inspire the viewers to question ‘what is real?’ by exploring their own thresholds of perception, observation and expectation. Our aim is to entertain, inform and inspire audiences who visit TripSpace over the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd.”

LIMEN will be presenting work by the following individuals and companies:
Marina Collard and Kate Johnson – The Body In and As Space: By arranging and rearranging 20 dancers, while inviting audience members to move through the evolving performance, Marina and Kate adjust and explore the building’s interior. The dancers stir and still the space to allow the space itself to become the dominant performative object.

Owen Davey and Sammy Patterson present a series of short films on the themes of in-between spaces, London, Mirrorcity and otherness.

Marguerite Galizia – This is a Square: A blend of live performance and real time video projection in a commentary on perception, perspective and our notion of what is real.

Charlie Hope – From The Ether: An electronic ouija board, connected to 26 participants, searches online social media for information which it spells out through a series of electric shocks. The séance will try to decipher the nature of the communications from the electrical ether.

KidsTheseDays – BodyMouth: A projected image of a large mouth reacts in real time to the participant’s movements. Pre-recorded speech is reproduced in relation to the size and rate of movement.

Giuliana Majo – Space Hopping: An interactive installation about the barely imperceptible…the audiences performs a journey through an everyday space transformed into a poetic space.

Anton Mirto – Earning Innonce /4: Installation performance that explores ideas about finding and hiding the self.

Michael Picknett and Company – Whispers: Using memory and shared experiences this encounter between performer and audience asks if it’s possible to share a memory.

Polbrone – ForeLoop-Backloop: Polbrone is the new music project of brothers Andrea Salvatici and Simone Salvatici (former of Clorinde). Their music fluctuates between musical improvisation, sound exploration and evolving drones. Polbrone like contrasting effects, melodies that gradually destroy and decay, combining acoustic instruments with digital processing.

Pepa Ubera & Josefina Camus – Ellipsis Land: Real time performance that invites the audience to re-inhabit the space occupied by the body and its surrounding context.

Kajsa Wadhia & Maria Stiernborg – The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra: Confronted with the exhaustion of the possibilities of creativity, the performers use indifference and laziness as a message of resistance and response to a society promoting artistic mass production.

One of the aims of the November festival is for TripSpace to throw open its doors and show visitors how its unique environment can work for contemporary movement projects, body awareness practice, and theatrical experimentation. Since the studio opened in 2012, it has gradually improved facilities and is now confident of offering a unique space to artistic practitioners as well as members of the local community and dance and theatre students.

TripSpace, Arch 339-340, Acton Mews, London E8 4EANovember 22nd 4pm to 11pm
November 23rd 2pm to 8pm

Tuesday 4th November 2014


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