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Waving Goodbye: a brand new play by Andrew Shakeshaft

Waving GoodbyeWaving Goodbye – A brand new play by Andrew Shakeshaft. Presented by Tree Shadow Theatre Productions in association with Swan Club.

Premiere at THE PHOENIX ARTIST CLUB at 6pm on the 22nd August 2015 as part of the Camden Fringe

Waving Goodbye; Burkha or jeggings? Twisting fast-paced black comedy.
Waving Goodbye is an emotionally charged black comedy which asks fundamental questions about existence and our relationships with each other.

All those people who died young; you’ve got their life, you’ve got the chances they never had and what are you doing with it?

Tree Shadow Theatre put out a call for new, contemporary scripts that didn’t fight shy of exploring big issues and what it is to be a young woman in today’s world. This two-hander comedy was the outright winner. Directed by Anita Parry (What Would Helen Mirren Do?)

Cast: Louisa Wilde and Lucy Theobald
Playwright: Andrew Shakeshaft
Tickets are £8 with £6 concessions.
The Pheonix Artist Club is underneath The Phoenix Theatre on the Charing Cross Road.
Running from 22nd to the 27th August daily
22nd at 6pm. All other performances at 7pm
Running time 45minutes
website: www.treeshadow.co.uk

Monday 10th August 2015


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