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Windows Of Displacement by Toussaint To Move | Vault Festival

Windows Of Displacement by Toussaint To MoveIssues surrounding migration, home, borders and identity pose some of the biggest questions of our time. Akeim Toussaint Buck addresses these and more in his new, timely, dance theatre solo show: Windows of Displacement. Through the contextual lens of imperialism, colonialism and global displacement, he weaves a story that speaks to the lived experiences and human lives that are entangled in the politics of power and oppression.

It always sounds a bit pompous to describe a show as being ‘important’, but that’s exactly what Windows of Displacement is. The fact that it manages to deliver its message while still being accessible, thought-provoking and immensely uplifting is a tribute to its creator.” John Murphy taken from a review written for Exeunt Magazine 2018.

Using his own journey of migration from Jamaica to the UK as a catalyst, Akeim Toussaint Buck brings together dance, spoken word and song to tell a story that is both deeply personal and universal. Through delving into his own journey, the audience is presented with a recent history of humanity. In this way, Toussaint Buck presents the threads connecting oppression, from the Transatlantic Slave Trade, to the current mining and exploitation of the Congo, from the micro to the macro, from the past to present.

Toussaint To Move was established in 2015, founded by artistic director, Akeim Toussaint Buck. Akeim is an interdisciplinary performer and maker, born in Jamaica and raised in England. Toussaint To Move’s intention is to create moving, thought-provoking, accessible and free-spirited projects. The work challenges, enlightens and entertains audiences and participants. Audiences are not just observers; they are implicit in the experience. The work aims to reflect on reality, looking at ongoing socio-political issues, with a humanitarian intention.

Windows Of Displacement
21 Mar, 21 Mar, 22 Mar 2020


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