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Take Care by Écoute Theate at the Vault Festival

Take Care by Écoute Theate at the Vault FestivalTake Care follows the real-life story of Pam, a woman struggling to move her mother into a care home that’s closer to her.

Along the way we meet other carers, NHS staff, politicians, journalists and MPs all involved in the care system for older people.

Darkly humorous, this documentary play shines a light on the hidden voices of carers and exposes the workings of a care system in desperate need of repair.

***** 5 stars from The Scotsman
Beautiful, heartbreaking and comical. This is more than theatre, this is real

***** 5 stars from Theatreworld
This ingenious dark comedy will prick your conscience

All text in the production is word-for-word what people have said to us either in interviews or published in press releases and public speeches. The interviews have been collected over 5 years and we continue to add to them.

After each show, there is an optional informal post-show discussion at the Time For Change space at VAULT Festival. It is an opportunity to talk about the issues and subject matter raised in the production, share experiences, carry on the discussion around care and generally meet people and chat. Everyone is welcome, so come along, grab a drink, and say hello!

Écoute Theatre is an award-winning verbatim theatre company.

Écoute translates from French as “Listen”.

We create work that searches to find the truth behind the news headlines, revealing the real-life stories of people who have become part of the facts and figures.

Verbatim means “in the same words as were used”. All our text comes from people we interview/press releases/news interviews. We are always on the look-out for new stories. If you have a story to share, we’re here to listen.

Take Care won the Clive Barker Award (University of Warwick), received Arts Council funding to develop the production, and is now being toured in both community and theatrical spaces. Our work aims to engage audiences from all across the country

Écoute Theatre Company is the female-led brainchild of Zoe Templeman-Young, Sam McLaughlin and Catherine Lynch.

10 – 15 March 2020


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