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Interview with Kristina Rihanoff – Dance to the Music Tour

Kristina Rihanoff in Dance to the MusicDance to the Music is a new exciting “must see” dance show like no other! Created by and starring Kristina Rihanoff – one of the most renowned dancers and choreographers from the popular BBC1 Strictly Come Dancing TV show.

Kristina will once again team up with her former professional dance partner, Robin Windsor, who starred on ‘Strictly’ for four years. Also gracing the stage will be beautiful Oksana Platero, who partnered Judge Rinder on Series 14 of the hit show and is famous for her jaw-dropping lifts! Oksana’s husband Jonathan Platero will also be joining the cast. Joining Kristina, Robin and Oksana are a full cast of dancers, plus two amazing singers, Chris Maloney (X Factor finalist), and singer/songwriter, Beth Sherburn.

I chatted with Kristina earlier this week – this is what she had to say about the show:

Q: What was the inspiration for the Dance to the Music Tour?
Kristina: The inspiration is the wonderful Strictly Come Dancing show that a family can watch. I wanted to create a show which is like that but on the stage. A show where all of the family can come along to watch and enjoy.

We have all styles of dances from the 1920s, through every decade to the present day. We also show how different styles of music had an impact on dance.

Dance styles include the Charleston, the Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, the styles of Fred Astaire, through to Grease and also Boogie, Funk, Breakdancing, street dancing and more… We have an amazing cast of dancers who are extremely versatile. We will also showcase dances that will show how each decade developed in terms of dance and music.

Q: Can you tell us about Christopher Maloney and the team?
Kristina: Christopher was my housemate in Big Brother and we became were really good friends. We didn’t want to get into any crazy arguments and we got on really well and just wanted to enjoy being on there.

After Big Brother, Chris very kindly supported my charity (I am Patron of the Dot Com Children’s Foundation), by performing at our annual fundraising event.

Kristina Rihanoff and Robin Windsor
Kristina Rihanoff and Robin Windsor

At the time I thought it would be amazing to have him with us on the Dance to the Music Tour. He is amazing singing live, with such a strong versatile voice. When we were putting together the production I said to the producer that it would be great to have him for the tour, especially with the different styles. Chris agreed and we are very excited about the tour. Singing eight shows a week, with the various styles of singing and music takes a special kind of person to do that.

For the rest of the crew, I am going to be reunited with the wonderful Robin Windsor. I took time out to have a baby and it is good to be back working on this project with Robin, as we have danced together for over six years.

I am also reuniting with Oksana Platero from Strictly, who danced with Judge Rinder last year but didn’t return to the show as she wanted to work with her husband Jonathan Platero. They are both working on Dancing with the stars in the US and various other TV shows. I am excited to have them on the tour with us as they are an incredible couple and their lifts and tricks are so impressive! The audience are in for a real treat!

Q: What are your likes and dislikes of touring?
Kristina: It has been a long desire of mine to create a unique show like this, but with a family, it is much tougher to be away from home. When I have a free moment to stop and think, I wonder what my daughter is doing. But I understand that just like everyone else I have to work but that while I may be away for a couple of months I can then spend three or four months at home without having to worry about working.

I enjoy taking the show to the fans and there is nothing like seeing their enjoyment and excitement. As a performer, you are kind of hooked on that and can ever get enough of it. You live for it. I have a small tour at the moment with Tristan McManus, where we are on the last leg of the tour, in Ireland. And it has been great when people come up after the show and say how much they have enjoyed the show and love the choreography. The feedback is brilliant and this is what I was born to do and it is really special to me. To get the feedback is important to me and I really hope that with the new tour it will be the same as well. It is a family show for young and old and we have given a lot of thought to try to make it great for everyone. From Fred Astaire to Justin Bieber, there will be something for everyone.

Q: Why should everyone get along to see the show?
Kristina: I think it is the perfect Christmas present for the whole family. If you want to go and have a really great time, have fun, singalong and dance too if you want. Or just come along and enjoy the show. It is a very interactive show with two amazing hosts, brilliant singers and fabulous dancers. I think it is just a perfect family night out.


Dance to the Music Tour

‘Dance to the Music’ will present to the audience the one and only dance show in theatrical history, which will feature ALL styles of dancing. The audience will experience the evolution of dance through musical eras, starting from the roaring twenties, with tap and Charleston, going through every decade of dance crazes up to modern day Ballroom and Latin! Argentine Tango, Lindy Hop, Jive, Rock-n-Roll, Funk, Waltz, Disco, Breakdancing, Street, Contemporary Ballet, and Salsa are just a few spectacular styles which will be presented to you by our incredible and versatile team of dancers, performed to your favourite ultimate music hits of all time – you will be jumping from your seats to join in!


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