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Review of Follow The Faun at the Arts Theatre London

Follow The Faun
Follow The Faun (c) Sabrina Dallot-Seguro

It’s great fun is this immersive dance show of which there are not enough about. This one won Spirit of the Festival Award at The Vaults Festival 2015 and has been prancing around the world ever since.

It’s for all ages, as long as you like to move. There’s no need to be able to follow complex choreography, you just have to have a will to lose your inhibitions among a group of people doing exactly the same. There’s some spritely naughtiness about some of the gestures you’re asked to perform but you’ll probably feel better afterwards. Be aware however, you won’t be able to sit this show out, while your dancing partner gets on with it. There’s no opportunity to do that in the room.

You’ll be following the instructions of the faun, otherwise known as Billy Elliot performer, Andy Black, lithe and charismatic in his horns and lycra and high heels. He’s capably assisted by his two charming goddesses, keen to put you at your ease as you wave about to the powerful electronic soundtrack mixed by DJ Mojo Filter, who has worked with Fatboy Slim and others well known in such circles. This is a pop-up show so have limited expectations of the projections and lighting which are atmospheric rather than stratospheric.

Go casually dressed. There’s plenty of water available and a bar to enjoy afterwards while the performers mingle.

4 stars

Review by Marian Kennedy

A multidimensional light-being on a mission of love and pleasure is here to take you higher than the mortal man can measure… Dress to dance. Expect to sweat.

A revolutionary concept in musical theatre, Follow The Faun brings ancient Bacchanalian rite to the 21st century. Led by The Faun, the audience dance their way through new dimensions and magical realms to a pulsing soundtrack of trippy disco and cutting-edge house music. Unexpected transformations await.

Follow the Faun
31st October 2016 to 12th November 2016


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