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Tango Fire: Flames of Desire ‘The dancing is superb, it’s an evening to relish’

Tango Fire: Flames of Desire at the Peacock Theatre
Tango Fire: Flames of Desire at the Peacock Theatre

German Cornejo’s Tango Fire sets the Peacock Theatre alight with its racy virtuosity. It’s set in the world of Tango, where men are masterful and fully dressed while their women flex and bend, wearing most often not too much.

The show starts slowly with impossibly gorgeous dancers moving about the stage in strong light, a town square in day time perhaps, dressed in black and white, everyone is becoming acquainted. The singer sings in mellifluous Spanish, setting the tone, taking us somewhere warm and far away. There’s a four-piece band shadowed across the back of the stage, describing the 2/4 beat that is Tango.

As night descends, five partnerships are found on stage, each bringing their own interpretation of the dance to the show. Solo dances are choreographed by the individual couples, the group dances by German Cornejo. This satisfying arrangement brings vitality and variation to the show.

This dance form is able to express tension, conflict and the likely inevitability of resolution simultaneously. Hands are mostly clasped, upper bodies remaining taut and intent, as legs move with impossible speed to the snap of rhythm and the stretch of musical flow. In one stunning dance, by Marcos Esteban Roberts and Louise Junqueira Malucelli, her feet barely touch the ground.

There are thirteen dances in each half of the show, broken by an interval. Time flies. In the second part the show becomes ever more dramatic. Oblivion, an ensemble piece in the second half is superb. In Susa, German sends his partner Gisela Galeassi flying around the stage as the rhythm of the music becomes part of the audience too. What started as glossy theatrics turns to feeling. Follow that you think and the dancers do, as the lifts become ever more extraordinary and the audience are amazed. Of course the 2015 Tango World Champions on stage, Ezequiel Lopez and Camila Alegre. What a chemistry of synchronicity this pair have. Sebastian Alvarez and Victoria Saudelli are also an interesting couple to watch, performing with a distinctly fearless style of racy sensuosity.

There are a number of musical interludes in the show in which the talented violinist, Gemma Scalia, is most affecting in her playing.

The audience loved the show on opening night, there was a standing ovation and an encore of great charm. The dancing is superb, it’s an evening to relish.

4 stars

Review by Marian Kennedy

International tango superstar German Cornejo’s Tango Fire returns to The Peacock. With astonishing dancers accompanied by unforgettable live music, this is Argentine tango at its fiery best!

Tango Fire takes you on an explosive journey through the history and evolution of this most seductive art form, showcasing traditional tango’s rawness and sophistication while evoking the intoxicating passion of late night Buenos Aires.

With some of the speediest footwork and tightest twirling in the business, German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi are joined by a cast of extraordinary tango dancers, including World Tango champions. Don’t miss this chance to experience authentic Argentine tango by the very best in the world.

Peacock Theatre
Portugal Street, London, WC2A 2HT
Running Time: 2 hours
Age Restrictions: No under 5’s admitted
Booking Until: 18th Feb 2017
Important Info: Latecomers will be admitted at the interval.


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