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Review of Buzz: a new musical by Fat Rascal Theatre

Buzz: A new musicalBuzz: A new musical by Fat Rascal Theatre, took the Edinburgh fringe by storm this year, scooping up the Eddies Kensington Award, the Stella Wilkies Award, and nominated for the Les Enfants Terribles Award. And it’s not hard to see why. Now installed at the Drayton Arms for a London run, this musical, written and performed by newly graduated East 15 students, is such good fun, it will leave you chuckling all the way home. At just an hour and 15 minutes, Buzz introduces us to Angie, played by Allie Munro (a young Miranda Hart-come-Lena Dunham, and all the more hilarious for it), who has been recently dumped by her boyfriend. The Bridget Jones-esque saga, complete with kooki and brash best mates Chrissy (Robyn Grant) and Simon (Joel Locke-Foster), allows us to accompany Angie as she attempts to ‘find herself’ (aka what gets her off), as she learns more about the history of the vibrator, and overcomes her prudish British mentality and embraces being a woman who can find pleasure outside of men.

Along this journey, there are a range of highly entertaining historic re-enactments (through song, naturally), detailing how the Romans, Egyptians, Victorians, and WWII ladies approached female pleasure and sexuality. The music is fun, the singing bouncy and fierce, and choreography and costume clear, clever, and good humoured. With bold direction from Taylor Danson (who also performs), Buzz unashamedly places the female sex (in all its forms) centre stage, with a brave cast who are clearly up for anything and game for a laugh. With nods to current popular musicals, this talented team are no doubt destined for even greater achievements in future: Fat Rascal really are a company to watch. I’d recommend heading over to the Drayton Arms for a bit of light-hearted musical banter with a sterling cast: Buzz will certainly have you buzzing all night.

5 Star Rating

Review by Amy Stow

In 50 BC Cleopatra hollowed out a fruit stone and filled it with angry bees providing her with the right kind of buzz. In 2016 Angie finds herself out of her depth with what it means to be a woman taking control of her sexuality. Winner of the 2016 Stella Wilkie Award and shortlisted for the Les Enfants Terribles Award, Buzz is a hilarious musical journey through the history of the vibrator and a brutally honest story of a singleton’s quest to fall back in love with herself. Bridget Jones meets the Book of Mormon.

BUZZ is a feminist production proudly celebrating women’s independence and sexuality. This is not your average musical. With a cast of 9 recently graduated actor-musicians, Fat Rascal transports the audience from the cave women of the Stone Age to Victorian London’s Hysteria Pandemic, from Cleopatra’s Egypt to the Land Girls of World War II. BUZZ is a fun approach to feminism, a comedy with a message aiming to liberate young women and open conversations about taboo subjects.

Buzz : A New Musical
The Drayton Arms Theatre, 153 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 0LJ
Tuesday 11th October to Saturday 29th October (Tuesdays – Saturdays)
8:00pm (Saturday Matinee 3:00pm)
Tickets: £14 (£10 conc.)
Suitable for ages 16+ (contains strong language, partial nudity and scenes of a sexual nature)


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