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Let’s Hear It For The Boys at the Grove Theatre

After Last years success from Louise Dearman with “Hear Come The Girls” This year was followed with “Let’s Hear It For The Boys”.

The Line up was: Killian Donnelly, Ben Forster, Alex Gaumond, Hugh Maynard, Lee Mead, John Owen-Jones, Jon Robyns, Niall Sheehy, Oliver Tompsett, Michael Xavier, Ian Stroughair- who also directed and Lousie Dearman who hosted and performed.

It was a memorable night with close to £12000 raised. John Owen Jones tweeted after the event – Nearly home after a massively enjoyable concert with some of the best singers in the world. Thanks for bringing us together @LouiseDearman !

Let's Hear It For The Boys

I have to agree some of the best singers in the world – if you were not there you missed out – lets hope Louise brings this show to the West End as John hinted he would love to during the show.

Groupt Photo Let's Hear It For The Boys

5 Star Rating

5 big STARS and well done to all involved.
by Bonnie Britain


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  1. I wish I was able to see this show and performance. I heard it was
    great to everything that was done.. I would be great it I could
    have the program or booklet.

  2. Superb evening, so much fun to see these wonderful performers having so much fun! Killian Donnelly and Michael Xavier’s Into The Woods “Agony” topped off my evening; John Owen Jones had me a sobby mess with his finale. Great entertainment.

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