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Nat Sweeney is the 100th Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot The Musical Worldwide!

Nat Sweeney (Billy) in Billy Elliot the Musical
Nat Sweeney (Billy) in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre. Photo credit Alastair Muir

Nat Sweeney, who is 12 years old and from Birmingham, made his West End stage debut on Friday 3rd July 2015, when he became the forty-first boy to play the title role in the British musical Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre and the 85th to play the role in Working Title productions of Billy Elliot The Musical, and 100th to play the role worldwide in all professional productions, including those under license.

The musical is now in its eleventh year in the West End, recently extending bookings at the Victoria Palace Theatre until 17th December 2016. The first UK and Ireland tour of Billy Elliot the Musical begins in February 2016 with tickets now on sale for performances at the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

Worldwide productions include: London, US, Australia, Korea, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

Nat Sweeney (12 years old from Birmingham) joins Brodie Donougher (12 years old from Blackpool), Thomas Hazelby (10 years old from Doncaster), Ollie Jochim (13 years old from Chelmsford, Essex) and Bradley Perret (13 years old from Juan les Pins, France) who alternate the title role of Billy Elliot. Todd Bell (12 years old from Whitehaven, Cumbria), Tomi Fry (12 years old from Swindon) and Nathan Jones (12 years old from Prudhoe, Northumberland) play the role of Billy’s best friend Michael. Kyria Cooper (11 years old from Hartlepool), Connie Fisher (10 years old from Brompton, North Yorkshire) and Demi Lee (12 years old from Middlesbrough) alternate the role of Debbie.

Ruthie Henshall and Deka Walmsley lead the adult cast in the West End as Mrs Wilkinson and Dad respectively in Billy Elliot the Musical. They are joined by Chris Grahamson as Tony, Gillian Elisa as Grandma, Howard Crossley as George, Claudia Bradley as Dead Mum, Phil Snowdon as Mr Braithwaite and James Butcher as Older Billy. Ensemble members are: Craig Armstrong, Richard Ashton, James Ballanger, David Bardsley, Paul Basleigh, Rachel Bingham, Lucinda Collins, Peter Cork, Scott Cripps, Robbie Durham, Ross Finnie, Lee Hoy, Ruri James, Ben Redfern, Charlotte Riby, Mike Scott, Sharon Sexton, Wendy Somerville, Spencer Stafford, David Stoller and Kerry Washington.

Meet Nat Sweeney the forty-first Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre

Nat Sweeney (Billy) in Billy Elliot the Musical
Nat Sweeney (Billy) in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre. Photo credit Alastair Muir

Chronological (debut) order:

01 Liam Mower
02 George Maguire
03 James Lomas
04 Leon Cooke
05 Travis Yates
06 Matthew Koon
07 Colin Bates
08 Dean McCarthy
09 Layton Williams
10 Corey Snide
11 Oliver Taylor
12 Sam Angell
13 Josh Fedrick
14 Rhys Kosakowski
15 Lochlan Denholm
16 Rarmian Newton
17 Trent Kowalik
18 Nick Twiney
19 Hogan Fulton
20 Dayton Tavares
21 Joshua Waiss-Gates
22 Fox Jackson Keen
23 Tom Holland
24 Tanner Pflueger
25 Kiril Kulish
26 David Alvarez
27 Michael Dameski
28 Joshua Denyer
29 Brad Wilson
30 Tommy Batchelor
31 Daniel Russell
32 Oliver Gardner
33 Alex Ko
34 Dean-Charles Chapman
35 Liam Redhead
36 Cesar Corrales
37 J.P. Viernes
38 Rhys Yeomans
39 Giuseppe Bausilio
40 Jacob Clemente
41 Aaron Watson
42 Sunu Lim Seoul
43 Ji-myung Lee
44 Jin-ho Jung
45 Se-yong Kim
46 Peter Mazurowksi
47 Scott McKenzie
48 Marcus Pei
49 Myles Erlick
50 Joseph Harrington
51 Lex Ishimoto
52 Kylend Hetherington
53 Joon-hyung Park
54 Josh Baker
55 Ryan Collinson
56 Tade Biesinger
57 Ty Forhan
58 Ethan Fuller
59 Julian Elia
60 Adam Vesperman
61 Kaine Ward
62 Zach Manske
63 Harris Beattie
64 Harrison Dowzell
65 Ben Cook
66 Noah Parets
67 Redmand Rance
68 Drew Minard
69 Mitchell Tobin
70 Ali Rasul
71 Elliott Hanna
72 Bradley Perret
73 Matteo Zecca
74 Sam Faulkner
75 Ollie Jochim
76 Kevin Haugan
77 Tydo Korver
78 Stijn van der Plas
79 Jillis Roshanali
80 Svenno van Kleij
81 Brodie Donougher
82 Carlos Puts
83 Roan Pronk
84 Carl-Emil Lohmann
85 Nicolas Stefan Anker Markovic
86 Oscar Dietz
87 Sölvi Viggósson Dýrfjörð
88 Hjörtur Viðar Sigurðarson
89 Thomas Hazelby
90 Kaspar Kiisk
91 Dominik Sowa
92 Karol Huget
93 Nicholas Dantes
94 Kyle Halford
95 Baldvin Alan Thorarensen
96 Allessandro Frola
97 Simone Romualdi
98 Sammy Kuit
99 Faas Jonkers
100 Nat Sweeney


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