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Another Look at Memory at The Coronet Theatre | Review

Another Look at Memory photo © Frédéric Iovino
Another Look at Memory
photo © Frédéric Iovino

The Coronet Theatre is a charming Grade II listed venue, with a candle lit and uniquely furnished and beautiful bar it’s a perfect refuge on a winter’s evening in Notting Hill.

Philip Glass’s magnificent work for organ and choral voice, Another look at harmony, accompanies the dance piece, Another Look at Memory presented by Institut francais and performed on The Coronet’s stage primarily by three dancers then four. The work travels through ten years of choreography by Thomas Le Brun.

The movement is mostly syncopated by the three dancers, two women and one men, dressed identically in singlets and shorts. The colour shades of the piece are described on the floor from grey to the deepest sea blue. Every so often one of the dancers will step out into different movement then copied by the other two so they’re moving as a mass again. There’s a point in the show where the dancers speeded up to become mesmerising, bringing you into feeling the rhythm they’re following too.

The clever impression communicated by these movements accompanied by the grandeur of Glass’s music is one of humanity which for its foibles is moving through time together.

A fourth dancer joins and a there is more light, paler colours used in the same essential costume, they divide as if in joy into tumbling partnered rather than individual dance as before. But it’s too late, the previous tone of the piece running on repetitions has gone on perhaps ten minutes too long and by the time this change happens the work has disconnected from its audience.

2 gold stars

Review by Marian Kennedy

Another Look at Memory travels through ten years of his choreography performed by some of his most faithful dancers. Together they respond to the powerful choral music of Philip Glass with a dance of rare precision.

I love to work with dancers who relish this type of physical expression, the pure joy of being a body that tells a tale, a body inhabited by these memories”. Thomas Lebrun

Choreography Thomas Lebrun
Music Philip Glass Another Look at Harmony

At: The Coronet Theatre
Dates: 24 – 26 October 2019


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